BYD Sea Lion 07EV arrives at the store with 530 horsepower+Yunqi-C.

After that, the "Youth Edition"-Sea Lion 07EV was added. The new car is also positioned as a pure electric medium-sized coupe SUV, but it will adopt the design language of Ocean Net, provide a single-motor rear drive/option with the same power as Tengshi N7, and be equipped with high-level intelligent driving of the Eye of God, Yunqi -C and other configurations, which will be released at the auto show. A few days ago, some netizens have photographed the actual car arrival map of Sea Lion 07EV. According to the dealer, the price range of the new car may be 200,000-260,000 yuan. Let’s take a look.

Judging from the actual car map, the Sea Lion 07 EV will be built based on the family-based marine aesthetic design concept of the ocean net. The front half of the face is quite similar to DM-i, and the low-lying front is equipped with a prominent "car nose", plus the combined headlights on both sides of the deep sea, which looks very visually impactful. However, as a pure electric vehicle, the Sea Lion 07EV will adopt a closed front face, with exaggerated "C"-shaped air ducts on both sides, and extended blackened decorative strips connected with the large trapezoidal lower grille at the bottom, further enhancing the visual tension.

The side of the car body is similar to Tengshi N7 in the shape of a coupe SUV, and the rising shoulder line design creates a ready-to-go posture. At the same time, the hidden door handle is not absent. The difference is that the Sea Lion 07EV will also use a suspended roof, which will be more fashionable with the brand-new two-color petal-shaped wheels. The square blackened wheel arch adds a little muscle strength. The body size is 4830/1925/1620mm, and the wheelbase is 2930mm, which is slightly smaller than Tengshi N7.

The tail will also be equipped with a "shimmering dot matrix" penetrating taillight similar to the seal DM-i, and with the "BYD" logo that can be lit, taking into account the sense of technology and exquisiteness. The upturned blackened duckling tail design, with irregular hollow tail and large blackened diffuser at the bottom, continues to emphasize the sports attribute. In addition, it is not difficult to find that the new car will provide a variety of fashionable car colors such as blue and purple. The radar and cameras in many parts of the car body mean that the Sea Lion 07EV will be equipped with DiPilot 100 Eye of the Gods high-order intelligent driving system, which supports high-speed navigation including automatic ramp up and down, autonomous lane change/overtaking, active obstacle avoidance, intelligent ramp selection and other functions.

The interior also continues the design style of Seal DM-i, including 15.6-inch suspended central control panel +DiLink 100 car system, embedded full LCD instrument panel, decorative ambient light, four-spoke, 50W air-cooled mobile phone wireless charging and lever-type crystal electronic gear, etc., taking into account the sense of luxury and technology. The difference is that the Sea Lion 07EV will be replaced by a new straight center console, and it will also be decorated with chrome trim. In addition, it will be equipped with AR-HUD head-up display, integrated sports seat, ventilation/heating of the whole car seat, panoramic canopy with sunshade, fragrance system, rear central armrest/vent and other functional configurations.

As for power, Sea Lion 07EV offers two rear-drive versions of 170kW and 230kW, and the 160kW+230kW version is optional, which is consistent with Tengshi N7. However, the battery life is different. The rear-drive version has a battery life of 550km and 610km respectively, and the four-wheel drive version has a battery life of 550km. Based on E-platform 3.0, Sea Lion 07EV will also be equipped with CTB battery body integration technology, front double wishbone/rear five-bar independent suspension, and four-wheel drive models will also be equipped with Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system and iTAC intelligent torque control system, and provide various driving modes such as terrain assistance mode, trapped car assistant mode and drift mode.

Of course, the information about the new car has yet to be officially announced, and we will continue to pay attention. So, what do you think of BYD Sea Lion 07EV, and what is the appropriate pricing? Welcome to leave a comment.