The appearance change is not too big, and the new version of the M5 real car map is exposed.

Recently, a group of real car drawings that are said to be new models have been exposed on the Internet. In fact, there is no obvious change in the appearance of the new car. Obviously, it is not the focus of the car upgrade, but the internal upgrade may be the most important.

Specifically, the new car is obviously different. First, it uses cement gray paint, which has a stronger sense of fashion. The color tone is darker than the gray of the old model, and of course it may be caused by light. On this basis, no matter the headlight group or the front bumper part, the lower grille and other elements are consistent, and there is really not much to say. Obviously, the car is only a small change, not a big adjustment like the previous new model.

On the side of the car body, the new car uses a blackened sports kit, including the special decoration below, large-size wheels and other elements are painted black, supplemented by red brake calipers, and the attitude of cross-border wind is even more low-pitched. Of course, the roof will not be absent, and the lines of style will not change. In the rear part of the car, the new car has a M5 RS badge embedded in the tail, or it will emphasize the sports attribute more, which is also the main reason for the changes of elements such as wheels.

Other than that, there is no adjustment, no matter the penetrating taillights, the raised tail box or the large-area fender of the rear bumper are basically the same, obviously in order to save costs. In the interior part, since the appearance is reluctant to change, there should not be much adjustment. Details such as double suspended large-screen LCD screen and HUD head-up display will not be absent. The main improvement is the performance of intelligent driving to catch up with the new style and pace.

At the same time, since the appearance is more sporty, the control will be improved to further widen the gap. For example, Turing chassis, air suspension and other configurations may appear in the RS version, which may be more inclined to the needs of young and fashionable consumers who pursue sports. More information has yet to be officially announced, and what kind of performance can be achieved in the future is very worth looking forward to.