BYD Hanshi car summary, performance and face value are commendable.

Han is a heavyweight car launched by BYD this year. It will be a flagship C-class car. We have summarized the photos of BYD Han’s real car exposed in recent days, and its performance and face value are commendable. Byd Han is expected to start the pre-sale in May this year, and will be listed in March, which is a model worth looking forward to.

First of all, let’s look at the appearance of BYD Han EV. At present, it has been selected into the 31st batch of purchase tax-free catalogue, and it is a model driven by pure electricity. The front face of BYD Han EV is made in a futuristic style. As a pure electric drive model, its front face is designed with a closed grille, and the position of the grille is covered with decorative strips with metal texture, but it still maintains the family-oriented "dragon face" design language. The headlights of BYD Han EV are designed with a sense of science and technology, and adopt an upward style. The daytime running lights are in contact with the chrome-plated decorative strips at the middle air intake grille. The bottom of the front face of the new car adopts a slender trapezoidal grille, and its bottom is decorated with very detailed chrome strips. The air guide grooves on both sides adopt a slit-like shape, which looks very sharp.

The road test run of BYD Han DM has also been photographed, and its front face style is quite different from that of Han EV. It has the design of air intake grille in the traditional sense and also adopts the family style of "dragon face". Byd Han DM adopts a polygonal air intake grille design, which is decorated with chrome-plated strips. The headlights of the car adopt a very sharp quadrilateral shape, which is different from the EV version. Byd Han DM’s front face is surrounded by a very sporty design, with a zigzag shovel shape at the bottom and sharp air guide grooves on both sides.

Just recently, we found another model declared by BYD Han DM in the declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and its front face style is very different from that of the previous Han DM. It uses a hexagonal longer air intake grille. The air intake grille has a concave design, with chrome-plated strips on the top and chrome-plated air knives on both sides. The bottom is shovel-shaped, and the whole front face is more tense.

There is no big difference between BYD Han EV and Han DM. The biggest difference lies in its wheel hub. BYD Han DM adopts multi-banner wheel hub design, while BYD Han EV adopts low wind resistance and light and dark wheel hub design. The wheel hub of Han EV is more futuristic. Byd Han’s side is designed with a sense of streamline, which has a sense of visual impact and a sharp waistline. An air guide channel is also formed on the side, and there is a long and thin lettering design on the fender and door panel on the front side.

There is little difference between BYD Han EV and Han DM. The upper body adopts the same design, adopts a number of through grooves, and the lines are also rich, forming a very layered style. Han’s taillights adopt a penetrating design, and both sides of the taillights adopt a dragon claw style, and are decorated with very detailed chrome strips. There is a difference between BYD Han EV and Han DM. The bottom of Han EV is surrounded by a wide black color, while Han DM adopts a slender style with chrome-plated strips on it.

In terms of interior, BYD Han has adopted the design of the center console with a sense of science and technology, and the materials used in the center console are also relatively high-grade. Byd Han adopted a two-piece steering wheel, and its center console was decorated with a lot of piano paint. The new car was equipped with a large rotating screen and an LCD instrument panel. The front platform is covered with a panel with brushed metal texture, and the design of hidden storage compartment is very textured.

Byd Han’s length, width and height are 4980/1910/1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2920 mm. The whole car is very big. In terms of power, BYD Han EV has a single-motor version and a dual-motor version to choose from. The single-motor version is equipped with 222 horsepower and the cruising range is 506 km and 605 km. On the basis of the single-motor version, the dual-motor version adds a set of 272 horsepower motors with a cruising range of 550 kilometers. BYD Han DM is equipped with a combination of 2.0T engine and motor. The maximum output power of the engine is 192 horsepower, and the maximum output power of the motor is 245 horsepower.