Xingyue l rights group was banned! The owner complained that the gearbox was faulty and the "lifetime warranty" became a decoration.

Recently, I heard that there was a problem with a brand? Recently, a large number of complaints have been received from Geely hybrid car owners. Many car owners expressed their demands that the three-speed hybrid DHT gearbox is prone to sudden stall, in addition to the stall of the gearbox, it is also prone to the problem of gear shifting frustration. Many car owners let many vehicles break down on various roads, and some car owners even said that they are afraid to drive more than 300 kilometers.

A hybrid car, afraid to drive a long distance, is the worst thing. Many car owners above the platform found the "belonging forum", which made many car owners add friends to create a rights protection group. Recently, it was revealed that the rights protection group had been banned on the grounds that it was suspected of spreading fraudulent information. Everyone knows that if a small group chat is banned, there is a high probability that it will be reported. Maybe there is a "ghost" in the group chat, otherwise it will not be banned for no reason.

In this incident, some netizens thought that the "Friends" deliberately hacked, but in fact, the owner of Geely Xingyue L Raytheon Hybrid also made a fact and wrote a letter to express his own demands. Although the car was provided with a "lifetime warranty", after it was repaired today, it broke down and needed to be repaired a few days later, and the problem could not be solved. The owner felt that the "lifetime warranty" had become a decoration and could not be really rooted.

Geely Raytheon Hybrid Edition can be said to have suffered from Waterloo, which is a main compact version. Its appearance has solved the pain point of high fuel consumption and the need to add 95 # oil, but the frequent failure of gearbox is a headache for the owner.

Let more consumers begin to question this Raytheon hybrid system, and at present, this Raytheon hybrid system is used in more models, including,, and even the Geely Galaxy series may use the same three pieces. If it is really structurally flawed, then Geely may be a little busy.