What is the battery capacity of BYD Han?


The battery capacity of BYD Han electric vehicle is different according to different models. Among them, the two-wheel drive model has two battery versions of 65kwh and 77kwh, with a battery life of 506 km and 605 km respectively. The four-wheel drive version has a battery capacity of 77kwh and a cruising range of 550 kilometers. BYD Han electric vehicle is equipped with Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery in mass production. By improving the utilization rate of the internal space of the battery pack, the energy density of the battery pack reaches 140Wh/kg. Byd Han’s body size is 4980(4960)/1910/1495mm, and its wheelbase is 2920mm, which is a B-class vehicle. In terms of appearance, BYD Han adopts a closed design method, which is simple and atmospheric. The dragon mouth was transformed into a flat design with horizontal lines, which made the whole front look very low. Below the LED daytime running lights is the main light source of the vehicle, with three lenses, which looks like dzi. Above are three blue decorative lights, which light up together with LED daytime running lights, which not only makes the lights more layered, but also gives the vehicle a sense of technology and modernity. Generally speaking, the battery capacity and design of BYD Han electric vehicle are excellent.