Going to the hospital to see a doctor is "difficult to park"? Parking service service appeared in many hospitals in Xi ‘an.

  Outside the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, parking attendants provide queuing parking services for car owners.

  It has always been the focus of attention of citizens and traffic control departments. Recently, in front of several big hospitals in Xi ‘an, a group of special people are active. Dressed in uniform, they provide "parking service" service for car owners who are anxious to see a doctor. How do they work? On December 7, the reporter found out at the gates of many hospitals.

  "parking service" service appeared at the entrance of the hospital.

  At 9 o’clock on the 7th, at the gate of Xi ‘an Children’s Hospital, the vehicles waiting to enter the hospital have been discharged to West Street. Several men wearing yellow vests or blue vests shuttled between the waiting traffic and asked the owners if they needed parking service. "39 yuan, help you line up and park in the regular parking space." A parking attendant introduced to the owner. Their waistcoats are printed with the words "parking service" or "driving on behalf of others".

  From time to time, drivers will stick their heads out of the window to check the progress of the queue and ask about the "parking service" service. Obviously, the difficulty of parking in large hospitals has stimulated the development of parking service business.

  Mr. Wang, a citizen who is waiting to enter the hospital, said that his wife has been in for an hour with her children. He is still waiting in line, but he is not comfortable giving the car to strangers, so he has been very entangled. "There are many people in the hospital, so parking is really difficult. If I bring my children to see a doctor alone, it is estimated that I will choose parking service. " Mr. Wang said.

  At about 10 o’clock, at the gates of Xi ‘an Central Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, the cars waiting to enter the hospital also lined up in a long line, and the cars waiting to enter the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University had already arrived at Beixinjiekou. Under the overpass of Beixin Street, two traffic policemen communicated with several parking attendants wearing blue vests. The parking attendants conveyed information to their colleagues through walkie-talkies and helped the traffic policemen to maintain the order of the queued vehicles.

  Parking attendants can take about 10 orders in one hour during peak hours.

  The reporter found that the parking staff at the entrance of Xi ‘an Children’s Hospital and the entrance of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University belong to different companies. The yellow vest belongs to a platform called Feibotong, and the blue vest is the employee of e-driver.

  Liu Longlong, the captain of the Feibotong platform in Xi ‘an Children’s Hospital, said: "We mainly provide free service for BYD’s reserved car owners six times a year, and we also receive orders from other car owners from the platform when we are not busy." The reporter logged into the small program of Feibotong and found that according to the prompt, he could enter the car number, car brand, parking time and place, and he could place an order independently, with a charge of 39 yuan for each order. The reporter tried to place an order, and the mobile phone soon received a service reminder message with Liu Longlong’s phone.

  According to Liu Longlong, the platform to which he belongs recently has about 8 parking attendants providing services in front of Xi ‘an Children’s Hospital every day. During the peak period, the number of orders received is about 1 hour and 10 orders. There is a market demand in parking service.

  At about 10: 30, at the entrance of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, the parking clerk on behalf of E has received five orders. There are eight of his colleagues here. They have a clear division of labor, including selling services, dispatching, parking, maintaining order, and inspecting vehicles after receiving orders.

  A few minutes later, a white SUV arrived at North Xinjiekou, and a man got off the car. When the clerk’s colleague checked the car, the owner said, "It’s time for the expert number I reserved. It’s convenient to call parking for the first time and the price is acceptable." After checking the car, the owner trotted to the hospital.

  Here, a parking attendant has got on the bus and is waiting in line to park in the hospital. The clerk said, "If the owner orders from the platform and can stop within 20 minutes, he can choose the charging standard in 18 yuan, and if it takes a long time to queue up, he can choose the standard in 39 yuan. We line up in the hospital, park the car, contact the owner to send the key, and the payment is completed in the platform. "

  Is it safe to give the car to the parking attendant?

  A few minutes later, another black SUV chose parking service at the entrance of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University. After getting off the bus, the owner trotted into the hospital. The parking attendant sitting in the driver’s seat said: "People who come to park our car are anxious, and there are also regular customers. Most of the parking services that have been used once will be used again. After all, time waits for no one." Then he started the car and followed the team waiting to enter the hospital slowly.

  In the team, there are also car owners waiting to see. Mr. Li, a citizen, is not at ease: "This is not like driving. You can’t sit next to me and give the car to a stranger. I don’t feel at ease. What should I do if he drives my car away?" Ms. Wang is worried about the driving skills of parking attendants: "I don’t know how good they are. What if there is a rub?"

  The reporter noticed that citizens who choose the parking service will simply tidy up the contents of the car before handing it over to the parking attendant, and don’t bump into people or rub it. After the parking attendant picks up the car, he will take a video around the car to avoid disputes.

  The clerk said: "We all place orders on the platform. Just like driving on behalf of the driver, the platform will keep the bottom, record and buy insurance for each single service, which can effectively avoid disputes and reassure customers."

  The traffic police guide the parking attendant to help maintain the traffic order in front of the hospital.

  During the interview, the reporter found that the "parking service" really facilitated the car owners in need, but how to ensure the safety of parking people when they shuttle through the traffic?

  Zhang Weigang, squadron leader of Jiefang Road Squadron of Traffic Police New Town Brigade, said: "The parking problem around the hospital is easy to cause regional traffic congestion.’ parking service’ is an innovation in service mode. We found that if we can guide them to participate in our order maintenance work when attracting customers, we can also achieve a positive role in alleviating regional traffic congestion."

  Not long ago, the traffic police in Xincheng had a discussion with the person in charge of the parking platform at the entrance of the hospital. The two sides agreed that the parking attendants sent to the entrance of the hospital should be skilled drivers. While standardizing the working order of parking attendants, they should assist the traffic police to maintain the traffic order at the entrance of the hospital. This will not only ensure the safety of parking personnel, but also provide an extra force to ensure traffic order.

  During the interview, the reporter found that although there were many cars queuing into the hospital parking lot at the entrance of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, under the joint guidance of traffic police, parking attendants and hospital security guards, vehicles could ensure slow and orderly traffic, and the phenomenon of parking at the entrance of the hospital was indeed less.

  In addition, at the entrance of the Red Cross Hospital in Xi ‘an, the entrance of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University and the entrance of Xijing Hospital, reporters all saw the figure of parking staff. The "parking service" service at the hospital entrance is a new industry derived from commercial demand. If all of them can develop in a standardized and orderly way, it may also become a new idea to solve the problem of parking around the hospital.

  Text/Reporter Zhang Jia Figure/Reporter Hao Zhongyu

Source: Xi ‘an Evening News

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