More than 500,000 gear luxury new king asks M9 to get rave reviews.

Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, CEO of BG, and chairman of BU, a smart car solution, revealed the latest sales data at the recent Huawei Eco-Spring Communication Conference: 70,000 units will be listed in three months, and the monthly delivery will climb by 25,000+units. The booming sales volume keeps refreshing the sales record of luxury cars, and the M9 has become the new king of luxury with more than 500,000 gears. What is the reason for asking M9 to achieve such a proud result? The real car experience of the following car owners may help us find out.

Luxurious space, luxurious cockpit is extremely comfortable.

The reason why a car can be labeled as "luxury" must be that it can meet the "picky" requirements of the owners in many aspects. Mr. Lin, the owner of the new M9, is a designer in the home improvement industry. He usually has high requirements for comfort and design. When talking about the M9, he is also generous in praise: "The interior design of the M9 is extremely symmetrical in many places, bringing a calm sense of order. The triple screen running through the whole front looks very simple and atmospheric, and there are high-grade NAPPA leather packages and natural wood and crystal materials everywhere. Only then, This piece of space is even more satisfactory. The length of its own car is over 5 meters and the optimized layout. The actual space experience far exceeds expectations, and Shu Yun enjoys the Queen’s co-pilot and zero-gravity seat to bring first-class comfort. "

Top-level configuration, control performance comparable to super-running.

In terms of appearance and comfort, the M9 has won the favor of many car owners, and at the same time, the mechanical quality of control should go hand in hand, which can capture the hearts of users. Mr. Xia, who loves to drive and loves to play with cars, picked up the car after the test drive of the M9, and he was very satisfied with the control of the M9. He said: "I was surprised by the control of the M9. First of all, the hardware was excellent enough. The all-aluminum chassis, the front double wishbone and the rear multi-link configuration, as well as the closed suspension and CDC shock absorption were all unique configurations for millions of luxury cars, and although it was an SUV over 5 meters, the actual control was much better than expected. In particular, this intelligent chassis can actively adjust the suspension according to the real-time road conditions, and it is like driving on a flat road when crossing a bumpy road. The power is also very strong. The 100-kilometer acceleration of 4.3 seconds is comparable to super-running. The adaptive torque adjustment makes the high-speed cornering very stable and the control is too strong. "

Far ahead, high-level intelligent driving is easy to control

New energy vehicles have entered the era of smart electricity, and smart driving, as hard currency, has become the "first choice" for many car owners to consider before buying a car. Ms. Zhao is a novice driver. She said that it was the excellent intelligent driving of the M9 that gave her the confidence to drive a big car, so she chose it without hesitation. The M9 is equipped with 27 sensing hardware such as various radars and cameras. With the high-performance computing platform and Huawei’s self-developed anthropomorphic algorithm, it can sense road conditions in all directions and all weather, accurately identify obstacles and easily cope with various road conditions. The urban NCA intelligent navigation assistance has also been launched, and it can be opened all over the country without relying on high-precision maps, bringing the industry-leading intelligent driving experience. At the same time, Ms. Zhao also expressed her love for the M9 automatic parking: "This function is too practical for me. The car finds its own parking space and parks itself, which is better than that of the old driver. I don’t have to worry about parking anymore."

The M9′ s all-round leadership in the world has redefined the new standard of luxury, and the rising sales volume has also interpreted the posture of the new king of luxury, which has become the first choice for many elite people to buy cars, and at the same time, it has continuously gained the good reputation of a large number of car owners. Such a flagship SUV with high-level intelligent driving and full luxury configuration will also be the best choice for you to buy a car. Now you are determined to send a car with a high value of 30,000 yuan. Welcome to the official AITO APP or offline outlets for consultation.