It is said that krypton X is extremely cheap. Is this car really so amazing?

Geely Automobile Group’s newly-created electric vehicle factory, Extreme Krypton Vehicle, has two cars, namely, the sports car model Extreme Krypton 001 and the MPV-class Extreme Krypton 009. The brand had previously predicted that the third model would be released this year, and the new car was officially unveiled recently. The first two cars were not named after the digital code, and finally they were named as "Extreme Krypton X" and were set for the cross-border hatchback level.

The Krypton X has two power configurations: rear drive and four-wheel drive, and also provides five-and four-seat designs. According to CLTC test standards, the maximum endurance can reach 560 kilometers, and the price is 189,800 RMB ~ 209,800 RMB.

Cross-border hatchback setting, continuing brand design vocabulary

After the Krypton sports car and MPV class, the third car, Krypton X, appeared in a cross-border hatchback class, which is also locked in the current mainstream market. The body dimensions are 4,450mm in length, 1,836mm in width, 1,572mm in height and 2,750mm in wheelbase. The appearance of Krypton X still contains brand design vocabulary, but the overall appearance is more fashionable, and the vehicle is mainly designed in the studio of Krypton in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is operated by Stefan Sielaff, the design director who used to be Bentley and Audi.

From the front of the car, the refined rectangle is similar to the "inverted L" to form the headlight, while the middle part is decorated with two strips, while the lower air dam is more convergent than the polar krypton 001 and tends to a warm design style. On the side, the polar krypton X has a design without a window frame and a hidden charging cover. The rim is available in five shapes and 18-19-inch configurations, and the 20-inch rim is optional. When I came to the rear of the car, I saw that it was presented in a simple way, and there were not many gorgeous styles interspersed. The ultra-thin U-shaped taillights also increased the recognition of the new car. The original factory also indicated that the overall design elements went towards luxury aesthetics and had excellent aerodynamic performance.

Entering the cockpit, Krypton X has an elegant design style, with an 8.8-inch digital instrument and a 14.6-inch central information screen. In addition, the screen of the four-seat vehicle also has the function of sliding left and right, and the rear seat cushion is electrically folded and folded. And the new car is equipped with a face unlocking system, which can unlock the vehicle through the camera lens on the B-pillar, and the charging status will also be displayed on the B-pillar; The vehicle is also equipped with a refrigerator with a capacity of 5.7 liters, with a minimum freezing mode of minus 15 degrees, a refrigerating mode of minus 6 degrees to 20 degrees, and a heat preservation mode of 35 degrees to 50 degrees.

The maximum battery life is 560 kilometers, and two driving settings are matched with 5 or 4 seats.

The battery capacity of Krypton X is 66kWh. The five-seat rear drive and four-wheel drive are available. The four-seat rear drive is standard and the four-wheel drive is optional. Under the CLTC test standard, the maximum endurance of the rear-drive vehicle is 560 kilometers, and it takes 5.8 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour at rest, and the maximum output power is 200kW (about 268 horsepower). As for the dual-motor four-wheel drive model, the maximum endurance of five-seater is 512 kilometers, and that of four-seater is 500 kilometers. It takes only 3.7 seconds for the five-seater model to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour, and 3.8 seconds for the four-seater model. The maximum output power is 315kW (about 422 horsepower).

Extreme krypton X is expected to be delivered in June, and it is planned to be launched in Europe, but there is no exact time schedule; Krypton also intends to expand the new car to other Asian regions for sale. The relevant details have not yet been known, and there is no plan to sell it to the United States at present.