Spend two-wheel drive money to buy four-wheel drive, Haval Xiaolong MAX "the king of the king"

Haval Xiaolong MAX is all over the network, equipped with Hi4 electric hybrid four-wheel drive. The setting of affordable four-wheel drive makes its price absolutely competitive. Whether it is a gimmick or a hard power, Pengyou will help you fully analyze it. It is enough to read this one!

The road conditions are good now. Is the four-wheel drive important? The answer is yes. Four-wheel drive is important in any scene. Most four-wheel drive systems don’t have differential locks. Let’s not talk about the ability to get out of trouble. Four-wheel drive systems show incomparable grip and stability on roads, slippery, rainy and snowy weather and gravel roads. And cars equipped with four-wheel drive systems in road scenes, the control will not be too bad! Even for the safety of family car driving, the four-wheel drive system is better than nothing!

The car Haval Xiaolong MAX, which was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2023, attracted widespread attention and brought the new name Hi4 to our eyes. Since it is a signboard, let’s talk about Hi4 first!

About Hi4: The Great Wall lemon mixed DHT has been recognized and loved by everyone, so Hi4 is its upgraded product, which can also be said to be an extension. This technology will gradually appear on a series of hybrid SUVs. Although it is the foundation of DHT, Hi4 and DHT are not iterative upgrades of the same route, and their orientations are completely different. Many bloggers have mentioned Hi4′ s motor layout and four-wheel drive, but there are only two motors P2.5+P4. In fact, simply speaking, DHT gearbox integrates one motor, which can generate electricity and take into account the front axle drive. One motor has done all the work of the traditional P1/P3 motor, and the P4 motor of the rear axle has realized four-wheel drive! If you save a motor, the natural cost will come down. This is the price of two-wheel drive and the performance of four-wheel drive proposed by the Great Wall. Ok, it’s great to see here. This is the general explanation of Hi 4 technology. Let’s take a look at the protagonist Haval Xiaolong MAX.


Haval Xiaolong MAX’s design language this time highlights avant-garde and fashion. Explain the simple texture with simple design! The front face part adopts the design concept of fighter, which is extraordinary. The lines are interlaced to form a rhombic lattice, showing an infinite middle net. The falcon eye headlights also look very smart, and there is no plan to choose a penetrating daytime running light.

The side part runs through the waist line to connect the head and tail, which adds a lot of visual length. The door handle is still a stable and reliable mechanical door handle scheme. The body size is 4758*1895*1725 (mm) and the wheelbase is 2800 mm, which is not a small size for family cars. The tire size is 225/60/R18, and the whole system is 18 inches, but as long as it is more than 1000, you can choose the cool 19-inch star track boots tire.

The rear part of the car is designed with a small slip back, which looks like the sports atmosphere is online! The part of the taillight group looks a bit like the gamma-ray shape of the god beast, but it doesn’t extend out, and it looks just as good! The rear bumper is decorated with some chrome-plated lines. As an important vehicle for the Great Wall to develop new energy, the exhaust layout is hidden, emphasizing the identity of new energy.

interior decoration

It’s a little early if you are impressed by its avant-garde and fashionable appearance! This time, the Great Wall created a highly technological interior space for Haval Xiaolong MAX.

Enter the car, embracing the center console. What catches your eye is the triple suspension screen. Although it is triple, it refers to linkage. In terms of modeling, the dashboard is separated from the 12.3-inch car and the co-pilot screen. After all, safety is no small matter in order to cater to the driver’s best observation angle.

The instrument and the double screen are scattered back and forth, and the simple design is not simple. Of course! The "self-invited" Haval Xiaolong MAX must use the Snapdragon 8155 chip that everyone loves, so don’t worry about its function and fluency. Looking down, the car in Nakajima has the same effect as the cockpit of the plane, and it echoes the fighter design language of Haval Xiaolong MAX. It is worth mentioning that, although it is a new energy vehicle, the Great Wall has not made the idea that everything can have a big screen, and has kept a lot of physical buttons. Here, give the designer a compliment!

The key layout operation is very smooth, and the arrangement mode is vertical, which looks simple and neat. Of course, 50W wireless fast charging will not be absent. The most important thing is that convenience must not be discounted! The overall interior is the same as the appearance, simple and not simple!

As a comfortable new energy SUV for home use, it is really expected to take good care of the talents at home! The rear charging interface and air conditioning outlet are definitely necessary. In addition, the rear seats of the current Great Wall models are also very online, and the optimized cushions are lengthened, which are spacious and comfortable, with good filler softness and good support for the legs.

The leather package within reach of the door panel area is matched with stitching. Perhaps this is the advantage of choosing self-made products at the price below 200,000 yuan, ensuring rich configuration, and at the same time, the interior fineness and mechanical quality can be well taken into account!

Storage space

In this era of national SUVs, people’s lives are becoming more and more rich. Choosing an SUV is to take a fancy to versatility. Now the road conditions are good, but in fact, passability is secondary. A good storage space can bring us more car scenes, and the car experience will rise linearly, so it can be regarded as a good car with everything! After the proportion of the rear seats of Haval Xiaolong MAX is put down, it can reach a flat state, put an air cushion bed, and sleep outdoors is definitely no problem. Wait! Air pump for air cushion bed? It doesn’t matter, the Haval Xiaolong MAX comes standard with the rear power interface! There is no problem in playing, and the loading capacity is also guaranteed. This is the attitude of a qualified SUV!

Power configuration

Hi 4, which everyone is most concerned about, we have already talked at the beginning, rest assured! The core part of Haval Xiaolong MAX is fully equipped. 1.5L Atkinson cycle hybrid engine, the main feature is a high thermal efficiency. NEDC has a pure battery life of 105 kilometers. The maximum peak torque is 585 Nm. In the urban scene, the power is absolutely strong, and the acceleration is 6.8 seconds! The official WLTC fuel consumption is 1.78 liters, and the feed fuel consumption is 5.5 liters. If there is not much difference, the performance can be satisfactory for such an SUV. The motor part, permanent magnet synchronous motor, consumes 16.4 kWh per 100 kilometers, which is a good level. The battery pack is ternary lithium battery, 19.27 kWh, and liquid cooling system to ensure safety.

Chassis, driving

Haval Xiaolong MAX adopts the setting of front McPherson single suspension and rear multi-link single suspension, and the overall suspension adjustment tends to be comfortable. Of course, the level of roll suppression is also good. After all, with the fighter design concept, the control is still available. In general, among the electric hybrid new energy SUVs at this price level, the performance of Haval Xiaolong MAX is excellent! L2-level assisted driving is equipped except the most basic version, and the most basic model is equipped with cruise control. It is worth mentioning that Haval Xiaolong MAX supports three ways of driving, pure electric, extended range and direct engine drive. It can intelligently identify the road conditions and your mood (speed, throttle opening and closing degree) to intelligently switch the best power mode for you and keep the engine running efficiently.

shopping guide

Haval Xiaolong MAX currently has a guide price of 159,800 to 179,800. It seems that compared with other brands of new energy SUVs, it is undoubtedly more competitive! Great Wall technology won’t disappoint us in building SUV, but this time, it will directly bring Hi4 to us. Four-wheel drive+rich configuration+comfortable texture. In this way, this price is fair! If you only want to own a four-wheel drive new energy SUV and don’t have much demand for comfortable configuration, then the entry-level version is a good choice. After all, what matters is the standard. However, it seems that both the middle match and the high match have high cost performance, and the scientific and technological configuration and comfortable configuration are comprehensive, and it’s up to you to be rich and frugal!

Peng you said:

In the vast sea of cars, how easy is it to meet the right one and like it? If you are interested in Haval Xiaolong MAX, what does it matter if you buy it or not? Feel and learn about it. Welcome to the offline store to try and drive. Give me a break!