Tiggo 8 PRO is a hot promotion in Hefei! The minimum price is only 113,900! Preferential treatment waits for no man.

In the [Easy Car Hefei Local Automobile Market Promotion Channel], we sorted out the ongoing
Preferential activities. As a car that has attracted much attention, the current discount rate of Tiggo 8 PRO is still amazing. The highest discount rate can even reach 13,000, and the lowest starting price is only 113,900. You can win a larger discount rate by clicking the "Inquiry" button in the quotation form. If you are looking for a practical and affordable model, you may wish to learn about the discount of Tiggo 8 PRO.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the Tiggo 8 PRO first. The front style of the Tiggo 8 PRO looks more domineering and looks very fashionable. Headlights are very in line with consumers’ aesthetics, and the overall look is full of simple fashion sense. The car is equipped with LED daytime running lights, front fog lights, headlight height adjustment, automatic opening and closing, adaptive distance light, delayed closing and so on. Coming to the car side, the car body size is 4745MM*1860MM*1745MM, and the car adopts fashionable and dynamic lines, which gives people a very stable and atmospheric feeling. With large-size thick-walled tires, the overall visual effect is very stable. Looking back, the tail line of the Tiggo 8 PRO is dynamic, the taillights are very simple, and with the unique exhaust pipe, it is relatively simple in general.

Sitting in the car, the interior adopts a personalized design, and the overall recognition is very high. The steering wheel of the car is very stable in shape, made of leather and has a high palm fit. Take a look at the central control, with the 12.3-inch touch-sensitive LCD central control screen, which makes the interior design quite layered and looks very cold. Let Xiaobian introduce the dashboard and seats. The car is equipped with an exquisite dashboard, which highlights the trendy temperament. The car adopts imitation leather seats, which are wrapped in place and have good overall comfort.

The Tiggo 8 PRO is matched with an automatic manual transmission (AT) gearbox, with a maximum power of 187KW and a maximum torque of 390N.m, with good power performance.

The overall space of the Tiggo 8 PRO is excellent, which makes people feel very comfortable whether riding or storing. In addition, I am very satisfied with the energy consumption of vehicles, and can achieve good fuel economy in daily use. The most important thing is that the Tiggo 8 PRO is full of power, fast and stable acceleration, which can be easily handled by both urban roads and highways, and the driving experience is very good. In general, this is a very cost-effective SUV, which is worth recommending to friends who need to buy a car.