Get started with the new machine king of AI end point equipment, Meizu 21 PRO These AI functions are too fragrant!

  In the context of the AI era, more and more manufacturers are entering the AI field, among which Meizu is undoubtedly the most determined and the first to shout ALL IN
AI mobile phone manufacturers. With much expectation, Meizu’s first AI end point device – Meizu 21 PRO also met with you.

  Meizu 21
PRO, as a milestone that connects the past and the next, has become a popular model in the current mobile phone industry. After all, from MP3 to smartphones to automobiles, Meizu’s understanding of cutting-edge technology has always been online.

  Actual experience, Meizu 21
I am very satisfied with the new Aicy voice assistant from PRO. It is as knowledgeable as an encyclopedia. It can also answer questions and generate short text or pictures based on language when necessary. The most subtle thing about the Aicy experience is the addition of the AI smart key, which is integrated into the mBack key that is familiar to Meiyou. Press again to wake up the AI and simplify a lot of usage processes.

  When it comes to creation, the AI gallery is also a convenient editing function. Usually, you can search for pictures through language. This time, Meizu also added picture expansion, magic elimination, and interesting photo functions, making picture editing more powerful. Of course, what I am most looking forward to is the AI-assisted output function that will be added to the follow-up OTA. AI can understand the conversation scene by itself and help us generate accurate replies. Especially in the case of many reply messages and long conversation time, AI-assisted can improve communication efficiency. Personally, I think this function is also quite friendly to i people. AI comes with formal, casual, implicit, humorous and other dialogue style modes, which solves the social problems of i people at once.

  It is worth mentioning that this time Meizu fully opens permissions to the big model, API documents allow developers to request data from users, and open the AI computing power of the processor, there will be more AI functions connected to Meizu’s AI end point, handheld Meizu 21
I’m already looking forward to the PRO.

  Overall, under the ALL IN AI strategy, Meizu 21
PRO, as Meizu’s first open AI end point, has made a significant breakthrough in AI application capabilities, which has greatly enriched the user’s daily experience. Friends who are interested in the new form of end point equipment can experience a wave.