Shanghai, a super-large beach, can be played for free! The sand is fine, you can go to the sea and catch the sea … but you must check the tidal time before you go.

Ms. Wu, a citizen, originally planned to take her family to the Bihai Jinsha in Fengxian last weekend to play in the sea. As a result, she was dissuaded after calling the scenic spot before departure. "The staff told me that the tourists there were saturated and suggested that I should not go." Thinking that Jinshan City Beach, another popular seaside attraction in Shanghai, must be full, Ms. Wu finally went to Nanhui New Town Beach in Dishui Lake according to the strategy found on the Internet. Compared with the well-known Bihai Jinsha and Jinshan City Beach, this beach at the southernmost tip of Shanghai is really fun. The reporter went to experience it-advantages: no tickets, oversized beach, fine sand, and can catch the sea; Disadvantages: there are still many people on weekends, too few supporting facilities, the beach is black and the sea is yellow.


"Although Shanghai is near the sea, there are too few places to really play with the sea." Ms. Wu said that she searched the Raiders on the Internet. In Shanghai, apart from Bihai Jinsha and Jinshan City Beach, there is only Nanhui New Town Beach.

Therefore, Ms. Wu, who went to the beach of Nanhui New Town last Sunday evening, still met a surging crowd. "When I got off the highway, I felt a lot of cars coming, and some roads were closed. It took us a long time to find a place. Parked the car to the entrance of the beach, and there was a long queue. It took nearly an hour to get in. "

In addition to the weekend factors, the free opening of Nanhui New Town Beach is also an important reason for the large number of tourists. Like Jinshan City Beach, the adult ticket price in summer is 50 yuan/person on weekends and 30 yuan/person from Monday to Friday; The adult ticket for Bihai Jinsha Summer Swimming Period is 65 yuan/person.

Although there were still many people that day, Ms. Wu said that she felt fine after going to the beach. "Because the whole beach is very large, the tourists who came in are scattered on the beach, so you won’t feel crowded, and the experience is quite good." This is similar to the experience of many netizens.

This is also the feeling of reporters visiting on the spot. Standing on the beach and looking out at a glance, people can be seen from far away, and the whole beach is really wide. And it’s the afternoon of a working day, so you can enter the beach without queuing at all, and the beach is even more empty.

Although it’s not a weekend, there are actually many cars coming to Nanhui New Town Beach, and it still takes some time to wait in line to enter the parking lot. But if you park on the side of the road, you can easily find a parking place within a 5-minute walk.

Mr. Huang, who traveled from Chongqing to Shanghai, rented a car and drove by car. He said that he came here to avoid people. "It is said that there are many people in Bihai Jinsha and Jinshan Beach on the Internet. Seeing the Raiders, it is not bad here in Lingang Dishui Lake, and if it is free, it will not be afraid of stepping on thunder. Being able to step on the sea, children can dig sand and catch crabs, which is considered to be playing the sea. "

Because it is a relatively original ecological beach, the beach near Nanhui New Town is almost all black mud on the beach. Go closer to the sea and you will be able to step on the sand. Although the sand looks dark, it is surprisingly delicate, and it feels very comfortable to step on it barefoot.

However, Shanghai is not Sanya and Maldives after all. The yellow sea water here is coupled with black beaches, and the visual effect is really not as good as the golden beach and the blue sea. It can only be helped by filters to come up with large films.

However, because the beach is right next to the Donghai Bridge, the long bridge, the huge windmill on the shore, and many elements such as waves and reefs are combined together, and the scenery of taking pictures and punching cards is quite good.

Because the sea doesn’t look clear, not many people actually go down to the sea. People mostly take a walk on the beach, step on the sea, blow the sea breeze and see the scenery. On the contrary, there are many adults and children who catch the sea on the beach. They dig shellfish, catch crabs and find small fish with small shovels, and some of them are really fruitful.

If you just want to catch seafood, it is recommended to go to Nanhuizui Guanhai Park, which is further east of Nanhui New Town Beach. However, most of the beaches there are muddy and inconvenient to walk, and they need to climb over stone dams to get into the sea.

When the tide level is high, the whole beach of Nanhui New Town will be submerged by seawater, so whether to open tourists to the beach depends on the change of tide level.

The security guard at the scenic spot said, "It will only be open when the tide ebbs. Watch the tide table, every day is different. If you don’t do a raiders, you will see luck. If you encounter a high tide, you will not be able to go to the sea. "

How to check the tide table?

There are various tide tables available on the Internet. The simplest one is to go directly to Baidu’s "Luchaogang (Nanhuizui) Tide Table" and choose the date of the planned trip.

How to read tide tables?

Take August 5 (Saturday) as an example: the high tide starts at 8:30 and ends at 13:57; Low tide starts at 13:57 and ends at 20:30; After 20:30, a new round of high tide began. The lowest water level is at 8:30 and 20:30 in dry tide, and the highest water level is at 13:57 in Manchu dynasty.

After you understand the meaning of the tide table, you can arrange time to play in the sea.

Let’s take August 5th (Saturday) as an example. Generally, two and a half hours after the ebb tide begins, the water level at the seaside is very low at about 16:30, and a large number of beaches near the shore have been exposed. There are still four hours before the lowest point of the tide level on that day at 20:30, and the water level does not rise at once after the high tide.

Considering the safety of darkness, the best time to play in the sea on this day is before sunset from 16:30 to 19:00.

Compared with the good experience on the beach, netizens are complaining that the environment at the entrance of Nanhui New Town Beach is really bad. The reporter visited and found that it was true. The uphill entrance of the concrete floor was blocked, and tourists could only bypass the Woods with mud on both sides. Many people had been splashed with mud before they reached the beach.

And compared with those beaches that charge fees, the supporting facilities here are pitiful, almost equal to nothing. After a walk, the reporter only found a toilet in the parking lot next to the entrance, with a washable faucet on the side. Therefore, when there are many people, everyone must queue up, which is another slot for everyone.

Therefore, to play with the sea here, one should bring a towel and a change of clothes, and the other should bring a bottle or two of clear water for washing, because there are not only sand but also black silt on the beach, which is very difficult to deal with when splashed on your body.

Another important preparation is sun protection at the seaside. The reporter didn’t do any protection this time, but spent two hours on the beach with clouds blocking the sun from time to time in the afternoon, and all the uncovered parts of his body were sunburned. The ultraviolet rays at the seaside are too strong. If you don’t swim in the sea, wearing sunscreen and sun-protective clothing is absolutely standard. Hats and umbrellas should pay attention to the strong wind at the seaside, but they can be easily blown away when the typhoon is outside.

Finally, I want to remind you that although there are no measures to prohibit tourists from going to the sea, the reporter did not see lifeguards and life-saving equipment on the beach. In the absence of such safety facilities, swimming in the sea is still not recommended to avoid accidents.

If you have time, try to avoid the weekend big passenger flow; Check the ebb and flow of tides in advance; Suitable for go on road trip, navigate to "Nanhui New Town Beach" instead of "Nanhuizui Guanhai Park".

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