Lu Yang prefers 85 flowers? Using Yang Mi, Liu Shishi and Yang Ying all over, this is related to his shortcomings

Eight TV dramas are being broadcast on CCTV"Wind Rises Longxi" was filmed by Lu Yang, who had always been a filmmaker and was known as "a new generation of ghost directors".The director went down to earth and also used a number of immortal actors, adapting Ma Boyong’s well-known IP. However, it is a pity that such a popular lineup has been mired in controversy and discussion because of its extremely low audience rating. It is not surprising that everyone is holding on to its audience rating. It is indeed because the low is a bit too high.It can actually break the chassis of CCTV’s eight sets.

The best performance in the past few days was when the female lead Angelababy went online. As a male conspiracy drama set in the Three Kingdoms era, Angelababy was the female lead, but she was far outside the five or six times, and there were not many scenes. Nonetheless,After her first appearance, she directly pulled the audience rating to 0.7.After that, as the scenes gradually decreased, the audience rating slowly fell back to 0.4.

This time, Angelababy is in this drama.Challenge plays a female spy who combines beauty and wisdom.She was able to face difficulties again and again to save herself from danger. It seemed that everyone knew that this was a very outstanding role, and she needed to play a good acting role to dig deeper into the connotation of this role.

But let’s be honest.Few big directors are willing to use eight or five flowers, including Angelababy, to play more complex rolesBecause in the eyes of people inside and outside the industry,Ba Wuhua is a group of awkward female stars who can never be transformed.Since more than ten years ago, the first batch of 85 flowers led by Liu Yifei, Yang Mi and others have exploded. Over the years, when any post-85 flower wants to transform and soar to other grades, there will always be inexplicable obstacles such as itself or other factors, resulting in failure. In short,Ba Wuhua seems to be under a spell, and has always been regarded by many people as a group of actresses with no acting skillsThese famous directors in China disdain to use actresses with that name and cooperate with them to make moviesHowever, this batch of female stars has made Lu Yang, who is known as the "new generation of ghost directors", almost cooperate with each other.

The first is in "Embroidery of Spring Sword One", he collaborated with Liu ShishiZhou Miao Tong, a prostitute in red, was stunningly beautiful, and her face was also stunningly paralyzed.

Then, in "Embroidery Spring Knife II", Lu Yang collaborated with Liu Shishi’s best friend Yang Mi againIn this movie, Yang Mi played a character with more connotation and complexity than Liu Shishi, a painter from a poor family who was raised as a skinny horse from an early age and did not die after throwing himself into a lake. He was trained by a mysterious organization. But Yang Mi’s performance made many people point out that it was as if they saw Bai Qian possessed in the next second, and even when the movie was released, some of them shouted,Because of Yang Mi, we are not going to watch this movie.But unexpectedly, Lu Yang went on to talk to Yang MiCollaborated on the movie "Assassination of the Novelist"Many netizens felt strange, wondering what happened to Lu Yang, why did he cooperate with Yang Mi, who hadn’t thought about his acting skills for all these years?

Plus Angelababy today,With a total of a few eight or five flowers on the front line, Lu Yang is really about to cooperate.

Regarding this, some people pointed out that this was probably related to director Lu Yang’s strengths and weaknesses.The biggest advantage of Lu Yang is that the male actors under his camera are particularly delicious.Everyone could have a different feeling. Yu Hewei with a beard and a decadent face; Zhang Zhen with a handsome brocade-clothed guard; Lei Jiayin who was wilted and wilted. Lu Yang had a particularly high praise for filming male actors.

Another advantage was Lu Yang’s mastery of lens aesthetics.

The strong texture of the picture can be seen by everyone with the naked eye. If you think about it more carefully, there is also the composition lighting, which reveals a sense of beauty at all times.

At the same time, it also reflects his shortcomings.

The stronger the lens language, the weaker the logic language, and the art students can’t do math problems well.When you meet a good script, you can make a good story, but if you don’t meet a good script, and you end up as a screenwriter, you can only make things worse. A movie that flips over several times is not just because of the script.

Also, when Lu Yang wanted to pursue a particularly beautiful picture, he really needed a beauty to set it off.

Although the Eight Five Flowers are laughed at by everyone, one thing we cannot deny is that they are beautiful enough, each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the beauty can make a deep impression on everyone, so they can maintain the flowering period for so many years.

In fact, the netizens did not deliberately mock the cooperation between Ba Wuhua and Lu Yang. Ba Wuhua was working hard, and Lu Yang was also overcoming his own shortcomings. It would be better if they could work together in both directions, but at the moment, there was no particularly wonderful chemical reaction.