Test drive of the Great Wall Gun: 400Nm, 2.0T+8AT, which can fully meet the use requirements.

As we all know, pickup truck is a special existence in China, with complete procedures and the same performance and emissions as mainstream SUVs, but it is often excluded by big cities. Those who can thrive in such a difficult environment must be the strong ones in this field. The Great Wall Cannon, which has sold more than 10,000 yuan for four consecutive months, is one of them. In order to further enhance the competitiveness, the Great Wall gun pickup truck and commercial pickup truck have also added the diesel 8AT version, and the practicality has obviously increased. Next, let’s check together what the quality of this set of power is.

Maximum torque is 400N?m.

This time, the new pickup trucks for the Great Wall Gun and commercial pickup trucks are equipped with a 2.0T diesel engine with the model GW4D20M. The maximum power of this engine is 120kW, and the peak torque can reach 400Nm. It is the national six diesel engine with the largest torque among domestic pickup trucks. Matching it is the latest generation ZF 8AT gearbox.

Different from the gasoline version sold before, the peak torque range of the diesel version is relatively high, so in the initial stage, enough low torque can already be felt. It is also easy to overtake most family cars when starting at the traffic lights. At the same time, the accelerator pedal with a relatively long stroke also makes driving very comfortable, and it is not necessary to control the pedal opening carefully.

ZF 8AT gearbox has always had a good reputation. It has had excellent experience in luxury brands such as BMW and Jaguar before, but it is the first time to experience it on a pickup truck. The conclusion of the experience is that the smoothness of shifting is as good as ever, and it is not rough to match with the diesel engine. It can well understand the driver’s intention and control the gear with the throttle. It is worth mentioning that the car is also equipped with Auto P and Auto N functions, which greatly facilitates driving on congested sections.

For diesel engines, people may be more concerned about its running texture and noise. For this reason, I also specially felt it carefully. The engine jitter is very small when starting and idling, which is not much different from the gasoline version. Thanks to the good sound insulation effect, when the vehicle walks, the noise of the engine will not be transmitted into the vehicle too much. Of course, if you listen to it outside the car, it should not be difficult to tell that it is a diesel car.

In this test drive, I mainly experienced the passenger version. Its front suspension is a double wishbone independent suspension, and its rear suspension adopts a multi-link integral bridge-type dependent suspension. I have to say that the chassis texture of the gun is really excellent among many models with similar suspension structures I have experienced. Although the road feeling is inevitably clear, it is still obvious that the suspension is trying its best to filter the vibration. Unless it is in the face of a big bump, the suspension will not be easily exposed. Considering that it has to take care of the load-bearing situation of the container and use springs with higher pounds, this performance is remarkable.

True intelligent pickup truck

The center console of the pickup truck used for the Great Wall Gun is wrapped with a large amount of leather materials, and it is also treated with two colors, and the visual effect is satisfactory. No matter the materials or the design, the interior of the Great Wall Gun has already got rid of the rough image of the interior of the tool pickup truck.

The passenger version I focused on this time has a very high level of configuration. A new generation of car networking system can realize intelligent voice control, intelligent dynamic information service, remote control and other functions, and you can meet your needs by moving your mouth.

At the same time, the rare L2 automatic driving system on the pickup truck is not absent, and the functions such as lane departure, parallel assistance, lane keeping, ACC adaptive cruise, AEB automatic braking, semi-automatic parking and road traffic sign recognition are all available. With them, long-distance driving will not be too tired.

Strong sense of hard-core appearance

The commercial version of the Great Wall Gun focuses on practicality and bearing, while the passenger version has rich configurations, bringing users a more comfortable travel experience. Even if it is not the main off-road, the appearance of both cars is very hard.

The picture above shows the commercial version of Great Wall Gun.

The picture above shows the passenger version of the Great Wall Gun.

The commercial version of the front mesh decorated with corrugated elements looks quite fashionable, while the passenger version of the mesh is composed of several thick chrome trim strips, which is generally stable and generous, in line with the traditional impression of the public on pickup trucks. In my opinion, the front face of the commercial version seems to be more popular with young people.

There are obvious differences between the commercial version and the passenger version in the shape of headlights. Although there is no LED light source in the commercial version, halogen headlights with lenses do not look like fall in price, and mainstream configurations such as automatic headlights and LED daytime running lights are all equipped.

The passenger version uses far and near split headlights, and matrix LED headlights are very popular design elements at present. LED light source is a relatively rare configuration in pickup trucks.

No matter the commercial version or the passenger version, the side looks very simple. A large number of smooth curved surface designs are more stretched, which is quite a contrast after some tough guys put on their suits. On the passenger version, you can also see the generous wheel eyebrows, and the momentum that pickup trucks should have is undoubted.

Although it is not as strong as the off-road version, the off-road passability parameters of the passenger version and the commercial version are actually not bad, with approach angle of 29 and departure angle of 25. The minimum ground clearance is slightly different, the commercial version is 227mm, while the passenger version is 232mm, which is enough to deal with the general unpaved pavement.

In terms of body size, the commercial version of the Great Wall Gun is divided into two models: the long box version and the standard box version. The length, width and height of the former are 5602×1883×1882mm and the wheelbase is 3470mm, which is the longest in the gun family, but it is not as good as the passenger version in width and height. The container size is 1760× 1520× 538 mm. The TEU version has a length, width and height of 5362×1883×1882mm and a wheelbase of 3230mm, and the container is shortened by 240mm compared with the long container version. All models come standard with cargo compartment treasure, which can play the role of anti-corrosion and scratch resistance.

The passenger version of the Great Wall Gun has a length, width and height of 5410×1934×1886mm and a wheelbase of 3230mm, which is between the long box version and the standard box version of the commercial version. However, in terms of width, the gun passenger version is obviously superior to the commercial version and has more spacious interior space. The passenger version of the container size is 1520 × 1520 × 538 mm.

In the design of the rear of the car, the commercial version is relatively ordinary, the design of the taillights is not as detailed as the passenger version, and the halogen light source is also relatively common. In addition, the standard reversing radar and reversing image are also rare configurations of this class. There is also a 360-degree panoramic image on the passenger version, so it is effortless to reverse the car.


As a pickup truck, the Great Wall Gun really meets the needs of consumers from all aspects. Whether it is urban transportation or long-distance transportation, or jungle crossing or even hard-core cross-country, it seems to be an ideal car scene. The introduction of commercial version and passenger version, as well as the introduction of diesel engine, will cover more target users, which will surely usher in a new wave of growth in the sales of the Great Wall Gun family.