Surprise in the Deep Sea: The birth of the unknown hero ignites the patriotic soul of the new era.


  The spy war suspense drama "The Scare of the Deep Sea" was officially launched on October 22nd. As one of the repertoires of "Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of People’s Republic of China (PRC)", "Spy Warfare in the Deep Sea" won both reputation and ratings.

  With the background of the difficult struggle situation in Shanghai and Chongqing in 1941, The Spy War Scared in the Deep Sea tells the story that patriots with firm beliefs such as Chen Shan and Zhang Li fought nervously with the enemy on the hidden front when the nation was in peril. Inspired by their comrades-in-arms such as Zhang Li and Qian Shiying, Chen Shan, a Shanghai nobody who never asked about the country’s peril, eventually became an excellent communist fighter.

  See the greatness in the ordinary and record the transformation of the unknown hero.

  Heroes are not born heroes, but fulfill their mission at critical moments. The play does not deify characters, but records the birth of unsung heroes under the torrent of the times through the growth path of ordinary little people and their inner struggle and awakening.

  Looking at many spy war dramas broadcast in recent years, it is not difficult to find that creators and audiences are becoming more rational and returning to the truth. In the early spy war drama, the protagonist is the epitome of "Gao Daquan", with superior ability and flawless personnel. In the final analysis, the setting of this character image comes from the "hero worship" complex of Chinese people in a specific era. With the passage of time, the popularity of spy war dramas is highlighted, and the audience is no longer keen on single and rigid didactic works, but is more interested in the conviction and resonance of literary and artistic works. This change is reflected in the shaping of characters, that is, from "flat" to "round". Therefore, in the spy war dramas in recent years, the perfect role has been basically abandoned and replaced by a vivid character with a fuller personality and a fireworks atmosphere. For example, Yu Zecheng in Latency and Mingtai in Pretender.

  The same is true of Chen Shan, the protagonist of Spy Wars, who has no innate revolutionary consciousness, but is a typical ordinary person. Wandering the streets of Shanghai, relying on catching rape and collecting debts for a living. When he started, he was crouching in a nightclub with two out-of-tune brothers, waiting to make a fortune and fooling around, but he also had a sense of justice and mission in ordinary people. In order to find the gold bars that Buzhuang’s door-to-door son-in-law stole to elope with the dancer, Chen Shan gave full play to his observation advantage and quickly targeted the target; On the verge of success, however, when he saw Japanese officers harassing dancers with alcohol, he stepped forward and fought with them. After being subdued by Japanese officers and soldiers, he quickly cowered and made peace. It seems to be out of tune, but it has a heartfelt enthusiasm. Just as netizens commented, he is "timid and rigid" and has a strong plasticity in revolution. When he was forced to get involved in the deep sea of spy war by Japanese spies, he had a clear view of right and wrong as a China man who didn’t want to betray his country, but he also had a desire to escape from the hot water of spy war and return to peace. Finally, under the influence of Zhang Li and Qian Shiying, he resolutely joined the anti-Japanese war camp, strengthened his belief and finally crushed the enemy plot.

  Chen Shan’s growth path reflects the self-awakening of an ordinary China person in the face of crisis in a special historical era, and finally shoulders the road of heroic transformation of the country’s righteousness in the face of the torrent of the times. Ford, an English novelist, mentioned: "A round character must give people a sense of novelty and be convincing. If there is no novelty, it is a flat figure; If he lacks persuasiveness, he can only be regarded as a round figure in disguise. " Chen Shan is a successful round figure. His personality is close to the public, which provides the public with a sense of novelty in the step-by-step transformation. At the same time, his inner struggle also represents the hesitation of ordinary people in the face of danger, thus arousing public resonance. In the end, his transformation is very reasonable and shocking.

  Little people ignite the Chinese soul, burning passion and inspiring love for the country.

  The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea sees history with little people and faith in human nature, and links personal growth with the destiny of the country, highlighting the possibility and importance of individuals making contributions to the country and fully inspiring the patriotic enthusiasm of contemporary Chinese.

  Like Chen Shan, all the characters portrayed in the play are close to the people, with flesh and blood, struggling and conflicting roles, but everyone has made important contributions in the crisis of his home country. The simple explanation of "We are all from China" is full of hit the floor’s sense of faith, and he is concerned about whether his country can succumb to being a spy for Japan and lead each other and keep warm together on the hidden road of treading on thin ice. Walking side by side in the rain of bullets, they firmly believe together and strive for the dawn of national destiny.

  While looking back at the history, The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea also actively responded to the call of the times, providing the people with an excellent work that condensed strong faith and lifted their spirits. "The Scare of the Spy War in the Deep Sea" eulogized the revolutionary martyrs who silently incarnated The Infiltrator, fought bravely with the enemy in their own posts and were not afraid of sacrifice. Their dedication and firm belief extended to the present, which is of great significance. In the final sprint stage of the goal of the first century, everyone’s strength is not easy to underestimate. Even a nobody in the workplace, as long as everyone can carry forward the fine traditions of their ancestors and give full play to their own light and heat, small efforts will converge into the "power of the wild" to realize the grand blueprint of the Chinese dream.