The 2024 Douyin Chinese New Year concert ended successfully, bringing the memories of youth songs to the new year!

The 2024 Douyin Chinese New Year concert titled by Jinling Crown ended successfully in Chengdu on January 28. The whole live broadcast was watched online by over 35 million people, and the total video views was over 113 million. This year’s theme was "Songs Engraved in DNA", leading everyone to revisit those memories firmly engraved in DNA when the familiar melody sounded. Together with national singers and new generation artists, they felt the fancy collision of Douyin’s annual hot songs and music classics.

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The Chinese New Year limited group made a surprise appearance, and the hot songs and golden songs presented a variety of stages

At the 2024 Douyin Chinese New Year concert, the stars gathered to perform a different and exciting exclusive Chinese New Year concert for everyone. Cai Guoqing, Miriam Yang, Ella Chen Jiahua, Hu Xia, Fu Longfei, SNH48 (Yuan Yiqi/Wang Yi/Jiang Shuting/Fei Qinyuan/Lin Shuqing/Xu Yang Yuzhuo/Zhang Xin/Jiang Shan/Hao Jingyi/Li Jiaen/Wen Ruoqi/Guo Shuang), sang Douyin hot songs one after another on the concert stage, and also formed 4 groups of limited groups to surprise the appearance, presenting multi-style collision sparks, bringing fresh audio-visual experience to the audience.

Ella Chen Jiahua sang the global premiere of "Moon in the South", blessing the dream traveler, "You were a teenager", "Tropical Rainforest", "Super Star" trifecta ignited the memories of youth, which attracted the audience to sing in unison; Hu Xia’s youth golden melody skewers, affecting the memory of time, "Those Years" prelude a sound, youth white moonlight debut; "Sichuan and Chongqing Diva" Miriam Yeung finale appearance, the first song is the audience’s chorus, pushing the atmosphere to a climax; JA Fu Longfei’s "REMIX Suite" uses rich and varied musical elements to newly edit Douyin’s hot song, bringing new audio-visual experience to familiar music and igniting the audience; SNH48 interprets the enthusiasm of youth, singing the Chinese New Year Suite in one breath, and bringing the audience into the Chinese New Year atmosphere in one second; Cai Guoqing sings the classic again Send out the golden song "365 Blessings" that spans all ages and is loved by all ages to welcome the Chinese New Year; all the staff sang "Love Each Other" and sent out sincere blessings with this popular song with the most New Year atmosphere on Douyin. After the performance, the audience was still unsatisfied, and asked for updates and additional performances in the comment area of the artist Douyin account.

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When it was announced at the beginning that there was a blind box cooperation stage this time, it aroused the curiosity and speculation of many netizens. It was not until the performance that the cooperation guests and the repertoire were announced. The performance guests were in teams of two, which was unexpected and unlikely to appear in other concerts. The audience also had commemorative tickets around them, which filled the experience and left praise on various social platforms. " "Golden Age JSNH" combination (JA Fu Longfei and SNH48), a "dangerous party", ignited the infinite enthusiasm of the scene; "Full of Wealth" combination (Cai Guoqing and JA Fu Longfei) sang "Paper Airplane" and "Love is like Fire", presenting the youth story of two generations on the same stage; "Cai Hua Heng E" combination (Cai Guoqing, Ella Chen Jiahua) cooperated with "Come Bouncing", two E people who are familiar with the scene led the audience to happy dancing; and the "Sound Like Xia Hua" combination (Yang Qianmian and Hu Xia), who cooperated again, performed "Flower Good Moon Night" on the spot, showing the leisurely and delicate New Year’s years.

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Backstage fancy interactive smile to welcome the New Year, the Spring Festival concert ended successfully

On the stage, each artist sent his annual lyrics to the online and offline audiences, full of sincerity, and the offline backstage guests interacted continuously, with laughter and laughter.

SNH48 challenges fancy gesture dance and sends out concert reservation invitations in a sweet girl way; Hu Xia and Miriam Yang laugh and challenge skit dance, Hu Xia invites Miriam Yang to form a group online, which triggers heated discussions among netizens; Hu Xia even teases the elevator after the performance, imitating the popular in-app gameplay "stomp your feet every day", attracting a large number of netizens to watch. The whole performance has frequent fun interactions, sweeping Douyin’s many hot lists, leveraging the whole people to witness this music carnival party. The 2024 Douyin Chinese New Year Concert brought together star singers who were deeply loved by everyone, creating a warm and lively multi-stage, opening a chapter for the upcoming New Year.

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While recalling the melody of the Chinese New Year concert, the Year of the Dragon is also getting closer and closer, and the transition between the new and the old, remember to lock in the [Chinese New Year live broadcast season], from January 25th to February 25th, nearly 200 celebrities, top creators, lasting more than 30 days More than 100 popular content, from the Spring Festival homecoming to the New Year’s Eve reunion, and then to the Lantern Festival Eve, covering the New Year’s Eve party, the Huacai inheritance party, the opera party, the Chinese New Year cross talk special, the start of the sketch special, the Lantern Festival comedy party, the Spring Festival film live broadcast, the boutique short drama, and the star and creator series live broadcast, the cloud stage, the hundred media live broadcast and other content are staged in turn, so that everyone can find their own New Year’s flavor in it, and the family will welcome the New Year with a happy smile. This Spring Festival, open Douyin at 8 o’clock every night, and leave a Spring Festival memory full of feelings, touching, and fun.

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