Marketing and Huimin Parallel, Cultural Tourism Super Challenge in Kuaishou Hot Circle

In the 11th Golden Play Season, several experts on Kuaishou showed the current situation of everyone "wanting to play but having no money" in the form of sitcoms, and at the same time brought out the OCT Group’s beneficial marketing activities through ingenious plot implantation, setting off a "flower little orange" trend. Although the plot was exaggerated, it still resonated with tens of thousands of people and participated in the event.

OCT Group’s marketing design is ingenious. At this time of Golden Week, from the perspective of "benefiting the people", it obtains the opportunity to reduce votes through magic challenges to stimulate users’ enthusiasm for participation. At the same time, it realizes brand exposure and downloads the APP of its garden service platform "Hua Xiaocheng".

Marketing and Huimin Parallel, Cultural Tourism Super Challenge in Kuaishou Hot Circle

With the upgrading of cultural tourism consumption and the rise of emerging media platforms, the marketing of the cultural tourism industry has ushered in a new round of transformation. New marketing methods represented by short video marketing are driving cultural tourism marketing into a new scene. Many cultural tourism enterprises with local characteristics actively embrace new trends and focus their marketing on short video platforms.

OCT Group took the "2021 Cultural Tourism Festival" as an opportunity to plan a variety of content marketing gameplay in Kuaishou. The "Super Challenge", which integrates multiple interactive forms such as customized magic expressions, brand topic activities, and fast coin rewards, is undertaken by brand special pages, and is matched with matrix promotion methods such as information flow placement, resource position exposure, and talent planting grass recommendation for circle-breaking marketing.

Under the marketing potential of Kuaishou’s "trust magnetic field", the strength seizes the topic trendiness during the peak tourism period of National Day. OCT Group not only gains 1.06 billion exposure in brand volume, but also attracts tens of thousands of online users to go offline and pay attention to and participate in the "2021 Cultural Tourism Festival". The download of the Hua Xiaocheng APP has also achieved good results.

Creative gameplay to create content marketing explosion points and deeply reach multiple circles of users

The super challenge revolves around the IP image of Hua Xiaocheng, customizes exclusive magic expressions and exclusive topic activities #Colorful Happy Travel in Hua Xiaocheng, and realizes the exposure of the event with a unique and differentiated creative marketing matrix. Kuaishou officials give full play to their talent resource advantages, and gather many parent-child parenting, travel, life and other vertical experts to participate in the challenge to help the topic trendiness continue to rise.

In the creative video, a whirlwind of "flower oranges" was set off with deep customization content. @Taekwondo Zhao Tengteng, who appeared as a "good father", beat down the "bad guy" strongly, and took his daughter to play in the theme park. @Xiao Wu, @Pig Pig, @Mingqi are actually not funny, and other characters appear as dazed travelers traveling abroad, single mothers trapped in life, and "rich people" who give female live streaming hosts krypton gold. While accurately transmitting brand and event information in the form of video clips, users can reach out to users through circles.

Under the call of Daren, fans quickly followed up. They could use the cute magic expression "Flower Little Orange" to shoot a video, or they could post a video of the tourist attraction clock in OCT with a topic. The two gameplays go hand in hand to improve the user experience and stimulate enthusiasm for participation. Many users called out, "Simply take a video, not only did you get a 199 yuan voucher, but you also got a blind box of the OCT’Flowers and Flowers’ series, which is not too fragrant!"

In order to expand the exposure of the challenge, the event also matched heavy traffic resources for promotion heating. Including information flow, open screen, search, creator background resource positions, etc. Coupled with value-added services such as vermicelli and business power, OCT’s brand volume and the download volume of the Huaxiaocheng APP rushed to the peak for a while.

So far, the total number of works participating in the challenge has reached 65,000, and the total number of videos has reached 1.06 billion.

As a landmark enterprise in the cultural tourism industry, the marketing reform of OCT Group is at the forefront of the industry reform, completing the complete marketing link of "online grass planting" and "offline grass pulling" through the trust community, and stimulating more potential value in the cultural tourism field.

Promote IP value enhancement, city image construction, and fully empower cultural tourism marketing

Why did OCT Group choose Kuaishou for brand marketing in this year’s double-festival tourism golden period? The reason is mainly due to Kuaishou’s advantages in platform resources, traffic, etc., which can fully meet the new era marketing demands of cultural tourism brands such as OCT. At the same time, Kuaishou’s comprehensive strength and rich experience in creative marketing and customized marketing content solutions can help brands achieve better marketing results and enhance the brand and commercial value of OCT cultural tourism IP. This event is also a verification.

While empowering the cultural tourism brand, the cooperation between Kuaishou and OCT is also conducive to promoting the improvement of Shenzhen’s urban image, taking the promotion of urban cultural tourism resources as an entry point to further explore more potential urban values in Shenzhen, and to promote Shenzhen’s comprehensive development and digital upgrading in economic, cultural and other aspects.

In fact, with the rise of short videos and live broadcasts in recent years, Kuaishou has become a new frontier for marketing in the cultural tourism industry, successfully assisting a large number of cultural tourism brands and urban cultural tourism resources to create marketing blockbuster IPs.

Previously, Kuaishou’s "Travel Adventures" first stop landed on Wuzhizhou Island in Hainan, creating an island adventure summer carnival, which successfully attracted the enthusiastic participation of netizens and offline tourists. Through online and offline linkage, closed loop marketing was created, and the unique resources of Wuzhizhou Island cultural tourism were deeply excavated, which comprehensively promoted the development of local scenic spots, accommodation, catering and related brands. The event not only provided a new way for the tourism industry to acquire customers, but also provided new growth points for brand exposure, and also helped to accelerate the improvement of the city’s image.

Marketing and Huimin Parallel, Cultural Tourism Super Challenge in Kuaishou Hot Circle

Overall, Kuaishou has opened up new ideas for the cultural tourism industry to upgrade the sales link. On the one hand, Kuaishou has a rich cultural tourism content ecosystem and creators, and under the platform’s extreme trust mechanism, it has formed a "grass planting" effect for fans; on the other hand, Kuaishou’s continued efforts in the marketing field have also improved the speed of "grass pulling". Kuaishou has become an indispensable marketing position and fertile soil for the development of the cultural tourism industry.

In the future, with Kuaishou’s continuous deepening in the field of cultural tourism content ecological construction and continuous exploration and upgrading in the field of creative marketing, it will help more cultural tourism brands embrace short video and live marketing, leverage new growth, and deeply empower the new development of the cultural tourism industry.