LONG Toys | Dragon Art Museum Cherry Blossom Season, it’s the right time to enjoy the flowers and see the exhibition.

Cherry blossom season …

The temperature in Shencheng is rising, and spring is late.

Under the silent urging of Miss Chun, Yoshino Sakura, a dyed well outside the Dragon Art Museum (West Coast Pavilion), finally revealed pink flowers and bones, and quietly unfolded the delicate petals with white powder.

Cherry blossoms continue to bloom this weekend, and it is expected that there will be a beautiful flower show in Tomb-Sweeping Day Dragon Art Museum (West Coast Pavilion) next week, which is the best flower viewing period.

In the "drunken" cherry blossom season, welcome to the Lailong Art Museum to enjoy the flowers and watch the exhibition, and live up to the great spring.

The above picture was taken on March 22nd, 2024.



Browse …

Moka Fang, a Chinese female artist born in 1995, and wilhelm mohnke, a British artist, will both close this Sunday evening (March 24th). If you haven’t seen the exhibitions, take the last two days.

Zhang Leiping’s solo exhibition "Stop and Go", Qin Yifeng’s solo exhibition "Qin Yifeng" with the same name, and the collection exhibition "Endless Life: 2024 New Year Exhibition" and "Yaochi Celebration-A Feast of Auspicious Culture in China" will be closed next Sunday night (March 31), with an exhibition period of only over one week. Welcome to see the exhibitions during the cherry blossom season.

This exhibition presents nearly 40 new works by Moka Fang, including 23 large-scale oil paintings and several experimental paper creations. Moka Fang was born in Shenzhen, China in 1996, and now lives and works in new york, USA. She received a bachelor’s degree in visual and critical studies from school of visual arts, New York in 2019, the Rhodes family’s highest outstanding achievement award and several scholarships, and a master’s degree in pure arts from school of visual arts, New York in 2022.

Note: This exhibition will close on the evening of March 24th.

The works on display include "Smoke Circle Mountain" series, "Son of Nowhere" series, "Son" and "Rising Star" series and "Ferry Man" series, and 19 paintings are in dialogue with the unique architectural space of the Dragon Art Museum. Wilhelm mohnke, an artist, once said at the opening ceremony: "It’s a coincidence that I have dreamed of exhibiting my works in such a space for many years. This time, I am honored to put my first Asian exhibition in the Dragon Art Museum, in my dream space."

Wilhelm mohnke was born in Kingston-on-Thames, England in 1977. He once lived in London, Paris, Amsterdam and new york. He won the Royal Dutch Painting Award in 2005 and the Jaewood Contemporary Painter Award in 2009.

Note: The exhibition will close on the evening of March 24th.

The exhibition presents more than 40 ink paintings by artist Zhang Leiping, including representative series of terraces and reeds, series of sea reefs created in recent two years, and intentional paintings with modern spirit created in the 1990s.

Zhang Leiping was born in an artistic family in 1945 and graduated from the Stage Art Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1968. Mr. Fei Dawei, an internationally renowned curator and art critic, commented on Zhang Leiping’s creation: "Teacher Zhang is an older artist than me. She has experienced great changes in China, but she can still maintain her childlike innocence in her paintings until today. She has a very simple mental state and full creative passion, which is very, very precious. "

Note: The exhibition will close on the evening of March 31st.

The exhibition presents more than 200 negative works taken by the artist Qin Yifeng from 2013 to 2023, including 145 original negative films placed in light boxes, more than 50 negative prints hung on the exhibition wall and placed on the floor of the exhibition hall, as well as an abstract painting and several work notes.

Qin Yifeng repeated experiments in these works: flattening the three-dimensional objects, dissolving the materiality of the objects, making the visible things disappear, making the ethereal sunlight reappear as a cube, and the multi-level contradictions progressed layer by layer in the works along the time context. "24 pieces of sunshine" is displayed on the ground for the first time, which forms a confrontation with the exhibition hall over 12 meters, bringing new vitality and complexity to the work and becoming the core work of this exhibition.

Note: This exhibition will close on the evening of March 31st.

More than 80 precious cultural relics are selected in the exhibition, and the works with animals, plants, Bo Gu artifacts and happiness of blessing and longevity are displayed in four sections, namely "auspicious and powerful", "Four Seasons of Peace", "Bo Gu Qing Gong" and "Long Life", showing the auspicious culture of China with profound implications.

A number of "Dragon" exhibits have become the highlights of the exhibition, which is also a wonderful opportunity for year of the loong to see dragons. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the dragon pattern became a symbol of imperial power, honor and auspicious. The emperor claimed to be the "real dragon emperor", and the royal objects were decorated with dragon patterns, which were mostly matched with auspicious clouds and sea cliffs, implying that Shoushan Fuhai and Jiangshan would be forever solid.

Note: This exhibition will close on the evening of March 31st.

The exhibition presents nearly 30 private collections of modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures, inviting you to see the different views on man and nature conveyed by the creators.

As early as when futurism, which pursues speed and praises efficiency and scientific and technological development, prevailed (1909-1939), some works reflected the anxiety and worry about the hidden dangers brought by science and technology and artificial intelligence; Some works represent the pursuit of practical modern design, emphasizing the concept of "people-oriented" and working hard for the dignity and happiness of the public; Other works simply depict the deep nature, subtle mathematics and mysterious disorder, which corresponds to the idea that nature itself is regarded as the source of meaning. The different attitudes contained in the works will create new ripples in the communication with the audience.

Note: This exhibition will close on the evening of March 31st.

"Portrait-The 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition of the Dragon Art Museum" will be extended to May 5th, where the audience can enjoy more than 300 portraits created by more than 200 domestic and foreign artists, including oil paintings, paper books, sculptures, photography, etc., covering more than 130 years since the end of 19th century.

These works depict both individuals and groups; There are not only works that show superb realistic skills, but also creations that show the inner world of characters in the trend of the times. They are not only a copy description of a specific individual’s face and appearance, but also a summary of a specific person’s identity. They are presented through the observation and techniques of artists in different times, and the artist’s viewing mode and expression form have a direct and profound impact on each portrait work.

In addition to watching exhibitions and enjoying flowers, the Dragon Art Museum (West Coast Pavilion), the rock climbing park, skateboarding park, pet park and Valley Huaxi in Xuhui Riverside are also good places to go for a spring outing, suitable for walking, sports, fitness, leisure and relaxation ~ ~

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