The canoe Zhihang made its debut at the Munich Motor Show in Germany, and the domestic high-level intelligent driving scheme emerged on the international stage.

  From September 4th to 8th, 2023, IAA MOBILITY 2023 German International Automobile and Smart Travel Expo (hereinafter referred to as IAA MOBILITY) was held in Munich.

  China’s leading auto-driving solution provider, Kayak Zhihang, made its debut at the IAA MOBILITY Grand Meeting. It not only showed its newly developed NOA advanced assisted driving scheme "Kayak Riding the Wind", but also presented the latest innovations in the fields of smart driving chips, laser radar, smart driving and other technical products together with China’s leading enterprises in the field of smart driving such as Horizon and Hessai, contributing to the intelligent development of the global automobile industry.

  At the exhibition hall #B24 in Hall B1 of Expo, the NOA advanced assisted driving scheme of "high-speed+city" displayed by canoe Zhihang attracted many guests to stop and learn.

  This scheme combines the advanced super-fusion BEV perception of canoe, the original joint planning of time and space, etc., which can bring better and more consumer-friendly assisted driving experience, and can provide different scenarios and different levels of configuration schemes for cities and highways according to the different needs of car companies and customers.

   7V1R vision scheme based on panoramic camera;

   Can realize high-speed NOA+L2 full function;

   Have the ultimate cost performance.

  Boating in the wind Pro edition

   11V5R vision-based scheme;

   Can expand the NOA function of the city;

   With super cost performance.

  Boating in the wind Max edition

   11V5R+1 lidar;

   Make the best use of a laser radar;

   Support light map mode;

   The industry is the most cost-effective.

  Through a lot of architecture and performance optimization, "canoe riding the wind" has achieved the ultimate utilization of hardware performance, and can help car companies and customers improve their competitiveness with the ultimate cost performance. "Boating in the Wind" also fully demonstrates the R&D gene and engineering ability of "light, fast and efficient", and realizes the integration and adaptation of software and hardware in a very short time. At the same time, it also shows the innovation of China enterprises in the field of advanced assisted driving to global car companies and industries, which is expected to lead the future development trend of global intelligent travel.

  Together with Lian Heng, we will create a high-standard and high-quality China Zhijia brand.

  On the road of promoting the R&D and mass production of advanced assisted driving scheme, canoe Zhihang adheres to the ecological cooperation concept of "integrating Lian Heng and deeply polishing" to jointly bring smarter and safer mobile travel experience to users. Canoe Zhihang’s joint appearance with Horizon and other ecological partners in IAA MOBILITY also showed the world the strong cohesion and outstanding strength of China’s intelligent driving ecology. The gathering of many outstanding enterprises will build a strong potential for the vigorous development of China’s intelligent driving industry, and lay a solid foundation for the international development of China’s science and technology enterprises with higher standards and higher quality.

  For the first appearance of canoe in the global automobile industry event, Yu Qian, co-founder and CEO of canoe Zhihang, said, "This is not only a rare opportunity to share the technical concept and product scheme of canoe with the world, but also an important window for exchanges and learning with global partners and peers. In the era of smart cars, there must be not only China brands, but also Chinese solutions. As the representative of China’s independent intelligent driving solution provider, canoe is working together with industry leaders in the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly grasp the major opportunity of industrial upgrading and transformation in the era of smart cars, making China’s intelligent driving solution an important force under the intelligent wave of the global automobile industry. "