Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM, an unimaginable new energy hybrid car.

When spring caresses the earth, vitality and hope spread everywhere. It is in this vibrant season that the brand demonstrated its profound insight into the future of the automobile industry to the world with an innovative hybrid model-Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM. This is not only a demonstration of technological innovation, but also an important step for China Automobile in the field of environmental protection.C03- Business Building 2- Extended RGB- Output

The morning light falls softly, and Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM shines in this warm light. Being in the driver’s seat of this brand-new SUV, you can feel it like a horse ready to go, and instantly release strong power. The dual-drive motor makes its total power reach 270kW, and the total torque of 605 N·m makes every acceleration full of passion and strength. Whether it’s the congested roads in the city or the winding paths in the countryside, Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM can provide unimaginable driving pleasure.

In terms of battery life, Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM also showed excellent performance. It has a maximum battery capacity of 34.46kW·h, and its pure battery life is as high as 160 km under WLTC conditions. Even in the overtaking demand on the expressway, the acceleration of 90-120km/h only takes 4.2 seconds. In addition, its fast charging ability can meet the commuting needs of the whole week by charging once a week, which provides great convenience for modern life.

Appearance, simple and atmospheric lines, streamlined design language make Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM stand out among many cars. The interior combines luxury and technology, comfortable seats, intelligent auxiliary systems and humanized design to create a warm and pleasant driving environment.N26-SONY Audio 2_RGB

What is exciting is that such a hybrid SUV with a number of advanced technologies starts at only 159,800 yuan! This is an outstanding product under the strategy of "Technology" and "Eta Ursae Majoris 2025"-the surprise brought by ——M3X super-mixed platform. It not only improves the intelligence and convenience of driving, but also makes Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM unique in configuration and design.

Now, we invite you to join the big family of Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM and become the pioneer of green travel. Not only to enjoy driving, but also a commitment to the future of the earth.

With green travel becoming a new trend, let’s abandon the traditional means of transportation that used to emit smoke. Imagine what a wonderful experience it is when we ride a bicycle or drive a zero-emission electric car and freely shuttle through the streets of full of green, breathing fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun!

Green travel represents not only a fashion choice, but also our responsibility for health and the future of the planet. Come on, friends, let’s join hands to enter this creative and enthusiastic green era and make our modest contribution to our common home.

C-DM is not just a car, it is a change of life attitude, a practice of environmental protection concept and an exploration of future technology. Holding the carefully designed steering wheel, you are about to start a journey full of surprises and satisfaction, experience speed and passion, and enjoy a quiet and comfortable driving space.

Intelligent configuration simplifies complicated driving operation, and advanced intelligent auxiliary system makes all kinds of road conditions easy to deal with. Comfortable seats and humanized operation interface make driving a pleasure.

Star Road Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM integrates power, endurance, technology and humanization, which not only changes our driving experience, but also shows the firm determination and unlimited potential of China automobile industry in the field of environmental protection.W16- Taillight Close-up -RGB- Output

If you yearn for the combination of speed and green travel, and are eager to experience the frontier of science and technology, then Eta Ursae Majoris C-DM is undoubtedly your ideal choice. Let’s go to this green and intelligent trip together, and start this cool new era of green travel while moving towards a better future!

Dear friends, it’s time to abandon the old modes of transportation that pollute the environment and embrace a fresh, green and low-carbon new lifestyle. Today, we will start our own green travel era together!

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