Feel the charm of football in advance when the 2018 World Cup starts today.

  CCTV News:The World Cup will start today. In Russia, the atmosphere for welcoming the World Cup is getting more and more warm. The host city is ready to do its best to serve the fans.

  As early as a few weeks ago, the 12 venues for the World Cup in Russia have been renovated and passed the acceptance test. Eleven host cities have also completed landscaping work such as green space expansion and building renovation.

  At present, with the official start of the event, the main streets, squares and bus stops in Moscow have also planted the World Cup theme flag. The World Cup press center and official souvenir shop in Moscow have also started operation. In addition, the World Cup Fans’ Day also kicked off in Moscow. During the whole game, tens of thousands of fans can enjoy food and watch the broadcast of the game here.

  According to statistics, about 1.5 million foreign fans poured into Russia during the game. In order to make it convenient for guests from all over the world to watch the game in Russia, Russia will open a total of more than 700 trains to provide services for fans with relevant certificates. In addition, Russia has trained nearly 20,000 volunteers from many countries in advance. During the World Cup, these volunteers will serve in airports, railway stations, competition venues, news centers and other places.

  Anti-terrorism security work has always been a key concern of Russia, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly emphasized and made arrangements. It is reported that Russia adopted the highest level of security measures during the World Cup, and the subsidiaries of the Russian National Guard will provide a total of about 21,500 security personnel for this World Cup; In addition, more than 10 security companies selected about 17,000 monitoring and dispatching personnel for the whole event.

  Another source said that Russia also set up a "blacklist" system during this World Cup, and fans who were blacked out will not be able to watch the game. The Russian security department will monitor the viewing area of each competition venue in the whole process to prevent anyone from disrupting the order of the stadium. The person in charge of the relevant security department once said that during the World Cup, Russian law enforcement officers will severely punish acts that seriously disrupt order "at any time and any place".