Multi-sector deployment of regulatory measures for the 3.15 exposure problem.

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other departments voiced their opinions, saying that in view of the product quality and safety, intelligent harassing calls and other issues exposed by CCTV on March 15, they will deploy special governance actions in related fields to crack down on all kinds of fraud problems in listing and study and establish long-term regulatory measures.

On March 15th, CCTV’s March 15th party focused on the violations of consumer rights in the fields of product quality, after-sales service and Internet consumption, and paid attention to ten kinds of problems, including the black industrial chain of medical waste, dangerous spicy strips, "make-up" earth eggs, intelligent harassing phone calls, disorderly attachment of qualification certificates, inferior sanitary products, after-sales traps of household appliances, unhealthy e-cigarettes, bottomless online loans, and hidden dangers of swiping the flash payment function of bank cards.

On March 17th, Tian Shihong, deputy director of the General Administration of Market Supervision, convened a meeting of relevant departments. The meeting pointed out that key supervision will be strengthened and all localities will be organized to increase supervision and inspection of raw materials. Strict daily supervision, full implementation of "double random and one open" supervision, and increased supervision and spot checks on related products. Strengthen credit supervision, and increase joint punishment for illegal enterprises and related responsible persons. Implement the responsibilities of all parties, especially urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of quality and safety; Encourage social supervision, give full play to the public opinion supervision of the public, the news media, and the power of consumer associations, trade associations and other organizations to promote social co-governance.

Regarding the supervision of listed companies and the New Third Board listed companies involved in the exposure of smart harassing calls and the release of harmful substances by e-cigarettes at the 3.15 party, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the CSRC also said that the 3.15 party report covers many aspects of the economy and people’s livelihood, and China’s capital market companies are numerous, covering all levels of the national economy, so some listed companies and the New Third Board listed companies are affected.

The person in charge stressed that information disclosure "anti-counterfeiting and fidelity" is an important aspect of improving the quality of listed companies, and the CSRC will take the ongoing annual report supervision as an opportunity to crack down on all kinds of fraudulent behaviors of listed companies. At the same time, the media are welcome to expose more cases of illegal fraud of listed companies, urge intermediaries to return to their posts and perform their duties according to law, and jointly improve the quality of information disclosure of listed companies, especially to ensure the authenticity of financial information. In the next step, the securities supervision system will focus on improving the quality of listed companies, perform their duties according to law, and continue to promote and strengthen the supervision of listed companies.

After a group of unscrupulous enterprises in response to the March 15 party made money by harassing calls, apps that illegally collected personal information, etc., the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it would severely investigate and deal with the exposed violations in the information and communication field. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ordered the basic telecommunications enterprises to immediately shut down the voice lines of harassing calls reported by enterprises, stop the transparent transmission of illegal numbers, and strengthen the standardized management of communication resources. Check and deal with the call center enterprises such as Yige Technology, Elon Core, Secondy Technology and Lingwo Network involved in the report.

In order to prevent all kinds of communication resources from being used to disturb people by telephone, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with relevant departments, will continue to promote the special campaign of comprehensive rectification of harassing telephone calls, severely investigate and deal with enterprises involved in accordance with the law and regulations, and include illegal enterprises in the list of bad telecommunication business operations. At the same time, we will carry out a comprehensive investigation and clean-up, strictly regulate the management of voice private lines, strictly investigate the violations of virtual calling numbers using transparent transmission technology, and intercept all calls that fail authentication.

In order to strengthen the personal information protection of mobile APP, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will cooperate with the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Public Security, the General Administration of Market Supervision and other departments to do a special governance action for the illegal collection and use of personal information by APP. Take daily technical inspection and special inspection to strengthen supervision, increase the disposal and exposure of all kinds of violations, actively promote the legislation of personal information protection, and effectively regulate the collection and use of users’ personal information.


Progress in the treatment of post-3.15 exposure problems

On March 15th, CCTV’s March 15th party exposed many heavy consumption problems, such as the black industry of medical waste, dangerous spicy strips, "cosmetic" earth eggs, intelligent harassing calls, unsanitary sanitary products and "714 anti-aircraft guns". In the past two days, many regulatory authorities have taken regulatory actions such as investigation and punishment, and relevant enterprises have also responded.

Aiming at the problem of black production of medical waste-

Puyang, Henan Province: Seal up the illegal disposal point of medical waste.

After the exposure of an illegal medical waste disposal site in Zi ‘an Township, Puyang County, Henan Province on March 15th, the Puyang County Party Committee and the county government organized public security, environmental protection and other departments to seal up the illegal disposal site overnight and control those responsible. For the medical institutions in the county medical waste disposal destination, according to the relevant clues to investigate the relevant personnel.

According to two people, such as Shimou, the party involved in the illegal processing point, it mainly recycles medical waste. At present, the local public security department is cooperating with the environmental protection department to identify the items involved and identify their behavior of polluting the water environment.

The Puyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government quickly set up a disposal headquarters on the evening of the 15th to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of all kinds of medical institutions in the city. Discipline inspection and supervision departments set up special classes to investigate violations of law and discipline involving public officials; The environmental protection department took the lead in further sorting out small, scattered, chaotic and polluted enterprises in the city, and resolutely cracked down on illegal storage, transportation and processing of medical wastes.

Linyi, Shandong: The person in charge of the enterprise involved in the investigation of medical waste processing toys was arrested.

In response to the problem that a toy factory in Linyi used waste medical recycled materials to process toys, the ecological and environmental protection departments at all levels in Linyi City, Shandong Province have joined hands with the public security departments to conduct investigations overnight. After investigation, the enterprise involved is located in Baishabu Town, lanshan district.

At present, the enterprise has taken compulsory measures, and the responsible person involved has been detained by the public security organs according to law, and the case is under further investigation and handling.

Baoding, Hebei Province: Accountability for serious disposal of enterprises and responsible persons related to medical waste problems

Baoding municipal government set up a joint investigation and disposal team and four special clue investigation teams. The departments of health, public security, market supervision and environmental protection in the city and county acted quickly and investigated key areas overnight according to the reported clues. The Baoding Municipal Government requires that a special rectification campaign for medical waste will be carried out in the whole city from now until the end of May 2019, and illegal activities such as illegal collection, storage, transportation and disposal of medical waste, and illegal processing and operation of broken materials of medical waste will be severely cracked down.

Not only that, Baoding will seriously deal with and hold accountable relevant enterprises and responsible persons according to the law. At the same time, improve the long-term supervision mechanism, plug loopholes, prevent the occurrence of such illegal cases from the source, and ensure the health and safety of the people.

Renqiu, Hebei Province: The enterprise that used medical waste to produce vegetable net bags was closed down.

Renqiu organized market supervision, public security, ecological environment and other departments to conduct investigations. At present, the enterprises involved have been locked, and the production facilities, raw materials, finished products and accounts of the enterprise have been sealed up; The public security organ has controlled the parties to investigate. Renqiu City stated that it will seriously deal with the enterprises and personnel involved in accordance with the law.

In the next step, a dragnet investigation will be carried out to resolutely crack down on such behaviors.

Aiming at the safety problem of spicy food-

Jingmen, Hubei Province: Remove the "Shrimp and Eggs" spicy strips from the shelves.

After the safety problem of spicy strips was exposed at the March 15th party, relevant departments in Jingmen City, Hubei Province and Kaifeng City, Henan Province took actions respectively to carry out rectification work overnight. Luo Chongjun, a member of the Party Group of the Food and Drug Administration of Dongbao District, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, said that the exposed "shrimp and eggs" food and other related foods were removed from the shelves in time, sampled and sealed, and sent to the testing institution for testing that night.

On the morning of 16th, Jingmen City quickly organized law enforcement officers to focus on the dragnet investigation of food business units around the campus. The problem foods in the two stores were removed from the shelves, and after on-site sampling, they were sent to authoritative testing institutions for inspection overnight.

At the same time, the Hubei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau conducted a thorough investigation of the spicy strip production enterprises in the province. It is understood that there are five spicy strip production enterprises in Hubei Province, mainly distributed in Qianjiang, Xiantao, Huangshi and Wuhan. Only Hubei Xiange Food Co., Ltd. (Xiantao City) produces according to the standards of extrusion pastry enterprises, but the scale is not large, and the other four enterprises are in a semi-discontinued state.

Kaifeng, Henan: investigate and deal with the exposed spicy strip production enterprises overnight

After the problems of poor sanitary conditions in Ningyuan, lankao county, and Oufei, Weishi County, Henan Province were exposed at the March 15th party, the Kaifeng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government demanded to investigate and deal with them strictly according to law. The public security and market supervision departments at the city and county levels investigated and dealt with the exposed enterprises overnight, sealed up the production equipment and raw materials, and controlled the relevant responsible personnel. On the 16th, Kaifeng City held an emergency meeting on food safety special rectification action to convey the relevant requirements of the General Administration of Market Supervision, and made it clear that all responsible units should promptly investigate and deal with it strictly, and draw inferences from others to carry out investigation and rectification in the whole city, so as to effectively "toughen their wrists" to ensure food safety.

Yueyang, Hunan: Production enterprises closed down for rectification.

Yueyang Pingjiang Junli Food Co., Ltd. and Pingjiang Weiquan Food Co., Ltd., which produce "problem spicy strips", were ordered to suspend business for rectification on the evening of 15th. The Pingjiang county government has filed an investigation, and rectified more than 100 spicy strip enterprises in the county to investigate the problems.

Aiming at the problem of fake eggs-

Anlu, Hubei Province: False and misleading propaganda of "good earth eggs" products

In addition to the "cosmetic" earth eggs in Xiantao City, Hubei Province and Guantao County, Hebei Province, Hubei Shendan Health Food Co., Ltd., located in Anlu, was exposed to sell "good earth eggs", which were actually "good earth" brand eggs, suspected of feed additives and false misleading propaganda in the breeding process.

On the evening of 15th, Anlu City Market Supervision Bureau conducted an on-site inspection of Shendan Company, and has taken measures to register and preserve the product labels of the company suspected of misleading consumers. On the morning of 16th, Xiaogan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and Xiaogan Agricultural Department jointly organized a special class to Shendan Company to check the relevant situation, and the situation is under investigation.

Guantao, Hebei Province: "Make-up" earth eggs were investigated.

Guantao County set up a joint investigation team led by the competent leaders of the county government, composed of the Agriculture and Rural Bureau, the Market Supervision Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and other departments overnight to seal up all the eggs, additives and packaging boxes on the spot, and make further tests to investigate and deal with the sales enterprises suspected of defrauding consumers.

At the same time, Guantao County carried out dragnet investigation and rectification on all farms (households), feed processing enterprises and market circulation links in the county to ensure the market safety of livestock products.

Aiming at the problem of intelligent harassing calls-

On the 16th, Binhe Technology issued a statement, saying that it was not directly related to "Lucky Meow" products. Binhe Technology stated that the "Lucky Meow" product belongs to Tianjin Binhe Institute, where Binhe Technology once invested. Although there is an equity relationship between Bihe Technology and Tianjin Bihe, they have not actually participated in the actual operation and management of Tianjin Bihe. The two companies are independent of each other in legal relations, financial accounting, personnel relations and business decisions, and are responsible for their own profits and losses.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange has sent an inquiry letter to Blue Cursor, requesting to explain the company’s investment amount, shareholding ratio, and whether to participate in the daily operation and management of Binhe Technology. Explain whether the content of the report is true, whether there is business dealings with Binhe Technology, and whether the user information obtained by Binhe Technology is used.

Iflytek issued a statement on 16th, saying that he was concerned about CCTV’s "March 15th party" and reported that Bihe Technology was suspected of obtaining user information through probe boxes. Bihe Technology is a financial investment enterprise of Iflytek in 2015, accounting for only 3.66% of the shares. It does not occupy its board seat and does not participate in its daily operation and decision-making. As a shareholder, Iflytek attached great importance to the events reported by CCTV on March 15th. The company immediately contacted the person in charge of Bihe Technology and asked Bihe Technology to investigate the problems mentioned in the program. The company resolutely opposes all kinds of abuse of technology.

In view of the problem of random attachment of qualification certificates-

Baoan, Shenzhen: Law enforcement departments investigate and deal with "certificate-hanging" enterprises

Since the party on March 15th exposed the "certificate-hanging" enterprise specializing in the intermediary business of "lending qualification certificate", the law enforcement department came to Baoan, Shenzhen, which was the site of Liezheng Net Company mentioned in the party. The government law enforcement department found a lot of evidence at the law enforcement site, whether it was contracts, work notes or computer materials, which could prove that the platform was engaged in license-hanging services.

In the office of another enterprise’s employment card network, the law enforcement department found evidence to prove that the employment card network also has license-linked services and other behaviors. The market supervision and management department said that it will continue to investigate and dispose of it according to law.

Aiming at the problem of inferior diapers-

Xiantao, Hubei: The enterprises involved in the problem diapers were seized overnight.

On March 15th, the illegal diaper production enterprises were exposed, and the market supervision department of Xiantao, Hubei Province investigated and dealt with the Baxter company mentioned in the party overnight. The market supervision departments of Xiantao sent 74 law enforcement classes to investigate and deal with the enterprises involved. At the same time, Xiantao Economic and Information Department, Health Department and other departments carried out dragnet investigation on all enterprises of the same type in Xiantao overnight, sealed up the finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials and workshop warehouses of the enterprises, registered and kept the financial accounts and related products of the enterprises, and sent one sample of loose pulp raw materials and 60 samples of finished diapers to the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute for full inspection overnight.

At present, the public security organs have taken control measures against six responsible persons of the company. In view of the problem of adulteration in diaper production, Xiantao City decided to take the lead by the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, with the participation of the Municipal Health and Health Commission, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and other departments, and organize a thorough investigation of disposable sanitary products enterprises in the city from March 16.

Aiming at the after-sales problem of home appliances-

Whirlpool: Resolutely deal with private outlets

Whirlpool promised to attach great importance to the problem of "illegal charging by home appliance after-sales maintenance service providers" reported by CCTV on March 15 th, and immediately launched an investigation to defend the rights and interests of consumers. It means that any behavior that harms consumers’ rights and interests will be severely resisted and actively improved. If there are after-sales service providers who seek personal gain after investigation, they will be held accountable and dealt with resolutely.

In response to the "714 anti-aircraft gun" problem of online loans-

Five people from Zilan Technology Company were taken away by the public security department.

After the broadcast of the March 15th party, local law enforcement agencies rushed to the scene. Shi Huasong, the legal representative of Anhui Zilan Technology Company, said that their company was only a technology company and did not engage in related lending activities. In this regard, law enforcement officials said that at present, the scene has been investigated and controlled, and the five people involved in the case have been brought back to the public security department for investigation, and the on-site equipment has been detained, some of which may involve personal privacy. In the next step, law enforcement officers will continue to investigate and will report the situation.

Rong 360 apologized and removed the APP for self-examination

On the evening of 15th, Rong 360 Company responded that Rong 360 paid attention to the CCTV 315 party’s report on "714 anti-aircraft gun" and expressed sincere apologies to consumers for the adverse effects caused by the incident.

At 9: 00 am on the 16th, Rong 360 released a response again, saying that the APP had been removed for a thorough self-examination. A few products suspected of tying have all been removed from the shelves. At present, the investigation results show that there are no seven-day and fourteen-day products.

Beijing Mutual Gold Association: The phenomenon of "714 anti-aircraft gun" will be investigated in the whole city.

On the 16th, the Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association issued an announcement on launching a citywide mopping inspection operation, indicating that a special disposal team has been set up urgently to coordinate lawyers, experts and other professionals to immediately conduct a citywide mopping inspection operation.

Aiming at the hidden trouble of UnionPay flash payment and stolen brush-

UnionPay said it would improve the notification service and further optimize the compensation mechanism.

On March 15th, consumers were warned of the risk of "stealing from a distance" in the "flash payment" function. At 23: 40 on the evening of 16th, UnionPay replied that it accepted the supervision opinions of the March 15th party and thanked the media for their concern and attention from all walks of life. At present, a risk full compensation mechanism has been established, and the compensation mechanism will be further optimized in conjunction with commercial banks to shorten the compensation time and improve the compensation efficiency; For cardholders, we will work with commercial banks to improve services and provide more convenient services for users to shut down and restore their functions independently; I apologize for the inconvenience caused to the cardholder by my previous work.