Andy Lau returned to Hong Kong, claiming to be Andy’s "fiancée" to pick up the plane and reveal their 18-year relationship

Feature: Picture Channel

  At around 11:30 on August 5, the famous Hong Kong artist Andy Lau flew to Beijing Capital Airport. He arrived in Beijing this time to watch the Beijing Olympic Games. Photo by Tomita

  China News Service, August 26, Andy Lau is surrounded by over-obsessed female fans. According to Hong Kong’s Ming Pao, another "infatuated girl" was waiting for Andy at the airport yesterday morning. She told reporters that he was Andy Lau’s fiancee and they had been in a relationship for 18 years. According to the report, Andy arrived in Hong Kong at 5 pm yesterday, and an infatuated girl was waiting as early as 11:00. She told reporters that she was Andy Lau’s fiancee and they had been in a relationship for 18 years. She also wrote a love letter to Andy as "husband". Someone asked her why Andy didn’t take her to Beijing to watch the closing ceremony. She responded seriously that because Andy couldn’t pick her up in time! She waited for a while without seeing Andy and left disappointed.

  When Andy showed up at 5 p.m., he did not know that his "fiancée" had been waiting for him at the airport. Andy said he would participate in the promotion of the Paralympic Equestrian Games after returning to Hong Kong. He has great confidence in the Paralympic equestrian athletes in Hong Kong. He said he would also support the Paralympics.

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