Finally, the official map of Chevrolet Explorer Plus was released and unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show.

At present, major car companies have accelerated the electrification process, but there is still a long way to go to directly transition from traditional fuel vehicles to pure electricity. Therefore, plug-in hybrid technology is very popular, which not only effectively solves the problem of charging, but also has no charging anxiety, and is very popular among consumers.

Aware of the domestic demand for plug-in hybrid vehicles, SAIC-GM recently revealed the relevant plans for a new generation of PHEV smart hybrid vehicles. Recently, SAIC-GM officially released the official map, and the new car is the brand’s first smart hybrid vehicle, which will officially debut at the auto show.

It is understood that the new car is based on Chevrolet’s global new generation design language, and it is the first to apply SAIC-GM’s new generation PHEV smart plug-in technology, which is positioned in the medium-sized.

In fact, Plus is the explorer released overseas in January this year. The new car will adopt Chevrolet’s global new generation design language, providing two interior and exterior design styles, RS and ACTIV. The domestic models will not be much different from overseas models in design, and the whole is tougher, younger and more in line with the current aesthetics.

Judging from the official map, the appearance of Explorer Plus is basically consistent with the overseas version, which can be regarded as the original introduction, and many details of the front face are distinguished.

Among them, both models are equipped with split headlights and honeycomb air intake grille, which are decorated by letter signs. The air intake grille of ACTIV version has a larger area and is all blackened; The RS version of the air intake grille is more compact.

According to the official map model, the honeycomb front grille of the new car looks relatively moving. The black Chevrolet logo leads out the black decorative strips and inserts them directly into the sharp daytime running lights on the left and right sides. The middle part is filled with a rectangular middle net, which looks very sporty.

In addition, the middle net of the new car is also inlaid with a red RS logo, which indicates the identity, while the air intake in the longitudinal fog light area is on both sides, including the headlight group. Compared with the old car, it is more tough and square with elements such as the trapezoidal lower grille. It has a stronger sense of strength.

Coming to the side, the line design of Explorer Plus is very straight, the suspended roof and C-pillar are still very recognizable, and the new car has a contrasting body design, which looks more fashionable. In addition, the new car’s more prominent waistline, thick luggage rack, large-size wheels and other details are more hard-core.

It should be pointed out that due to the introduction of different versions, the wheels and rims of Explorer Plus are also different. The RS version pays more attention to daily road driving, while the ACTIV version pays more attention to off-road, so the wheels and tires are different to cope with different usage scenarios.

In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4653/1902/1667mm and its wheelbase is 2730mm, which is 51mm wider than that of the American version.

The taillights of Explorer Plus are designed in a red fork shape, and a black border is added around the taillights, which looks neat and more sporty. In addition, the new car is also equipped with an enlarged roof spoiler design, and the black logo also echoes the front of the car. The rear bumper part also has a large area of bright black fender, and the flat bilateral double exhaust makes the tail of the car more dynamic.

In the interior part, referring to the overseas version, it is expected that the explorer Plus will continue this design, adopting a double suspended large-size LCD screen composed of an 11-inch digital dashboard and an 11.3-inch central control panel, which has a strong sense of science and technology.

In addition, the air outlet of the air conditioner also adopts a circular design, and the three-spoke steering wheel is equipped with a black logo, which looks more textured. The front end area of the new car armrest box is an open storage compartment, exquisite physical knobs and cup holders, and the retaining mechanism enhances the fashionable attributes.

It is understood that the new car has also been upgraded in terms of driving assistance and safety, and the safety assistance functions will be more abundant, including lane keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking with collision alarm, adaptive cruise, etc., which improves driving safety.

In terms of power system, the explorer Plus took the lead in applying the new generation PHEV intelligent hybrid technology of SAIC-GM. According to the application information, the new car will be equipped with a system consisting of a 1.5T engine and a motor, with the maximum power of 127kW for the engine and 140kW for the motor.

Previously, SAIC-GM also revealed that the new generation of PHEV intelligent plug-in hybrid technology adopts the PHEV plug-in hybrid architecture of P1+P3 series and parallel developed by Pan-Asia in architecture, with the Ecotec 1.5T special engine for electric hybrid, and adopts "AI intelligent control algorithm" in electronic control, with stable power performance output.

Nowadays, there is no advantage for car companies to struggle in the market only by fuel vehicles, so what kind of market performance this smart electric hybrid launched by SAIC-GM Chevrolet will have is worth our expectation.