The film "The Red Agent" was launched in Beijing in October, and the spy war is about to strike.

On September 21st, the launching ceremony of the epic film "Red Agent" with the background of the 1940s was officially held. The play was produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongyang Huasheng Film Co., Ltd. and One-inch Time Film and Television Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd. On the same day, director Zhang Zhe, producers Kaikai Sun and Wang Weiguang, chief producers Wang Yi and Liu Enshang, Penguin film and television producers Yao Ling and Yu Deshu, and special guest Yuanxiang Xu attended the scene.

At the launching ceremony, the film simultaneously exposed a concept poster with minimal color but great tension. There are few elements in the picture, only walking alone in the street, vaguely showing his figure projected on the ground, but not like himself. The endless sense of oppression suddenly strikes, and the whole picture creates an atmosphere of "coming events cast their shadows before them". A touch of red in the form of "pistol" in the center of the picture is very eye-catching, echoing the title of "Red Agent", and the artistic conception of the whole picture is far-reaching and people can’t help but imagine.

The film "Red Agent" is based on the main theme spy war film, and tells the story of secret agent Lin Xi, who thrills in mediating during the execution of his mission, sticks to his faith again and again, bravely treads on thin ice and dives wisely, and finally successfully completes the revolutionary task after hard struggle and life and death test. In the process of lurking, he persisted in his faith and continued to fulfill his unfinished ideal of love. He was also confused by his "comrades-in-arms" who stood shoulder to shoulder, and witnessed the heroic and lofty dedication of the Chinese Communist Party spies.

Director Zhang Zhe said in his live speech at the press conference: "The Red Agent is not a spy film in the traditional sense, but more like the beginning of a new type of film. The film focuses on the ups and downs of the fate of small people, mixed with love and brotherhood, and outlines the growth process of a generation of revolutionaries, as well as their beliefs and ideal choices in that turbulent era. " We can’t forget the way we came, and it will be passed down from generation to generation. The film creates vivid characters from twists and turns and seeks a chance in the cracks of history, aiming to create a new mainstream film, let the audience feel the great revolutionary spirit of communist party from the screen, and let the light of ideals and beliefs shine forever.

It is reported that "Red Agent" has been selected into the original network audio-visual quality project library of Guangdong Province, and will be launched as the key red theme film and television project of Tencent Video in 2023. Yao Ling, producer of Penguin Film and Television, said that after eight years of development, online movies are showing the characteristics of continuous improvement of creative ecology, rising aesthetic quality, continuous efforts of key tracks and empowerment of mainstream platforms. It is a new literary form with distinctive China characteristics and characteristics of the times, and the platform will also vigorously promote online movies to enter a new track of high-quality development and run out of the acceleration of fine creation.

In the film creation stage, Penguin Film and Television also specially invited industry experts to check the script, expecting a great deal from the prospect of IP adaptation of the red theme film, hoping to create a high-quality online movie with positive energy while truly portraying the historical background. It is worth mentioning that Yuanxiang Xu, a special guest who has always had authoritative opinions on the IP adaptation of film and television content, also highly affirmed the IP adaptation of "Red Agent" and was full of expectations.

"Red Agent" not only has a thrilling revolutionary story of "seeing the big from the small", but also brings together a strong production team. On the one hand, the drama has enabled many outstanding young actors to create spy war workers with different settings, which undoubtedly injected a lot of youthful vigor into the heavy and serious spy war films. In addition, there will also be a senior drama bone to join, so that this film has a guarantee of texture.

It is reported that the film is expected to start in October, so stay tuned.